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Ubiquity University Degrees and Certificates

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Ubiquity University Degrees

Ubiquity University

PhD in Wisdom Studies

Our doctoral program is dedicated to helping you find your unique well-researched contribution to the world inspired by the wisdom traditions and modern-day insight.

Ubiquity University

DMin in Engaged Wisdom

A doctoral degree with a focus on the applied research in areas of healing, therapy, spiritual growth, counseling etc.

Ubiquity University

MA in Wisdom Studies

A Master's degree focused on how ancient and modern-day wisdom is relevant for the challenges that humanity is facing today.

Ubiquity University

MRA – Master in Regenerative Action

This degree is an alternative to the traditional MBA and is designed to empower activists seeking to regenerate themselves, their communities and the environment.

Partner Degrees


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Psychedelic Studies and Master of Arts (MA) in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy

Ubiquity University is partnering with AWE to offer students an opportunity to upgrade their work to a Doctoral or Master’s Degree.


Master’s in Reconnective Leadership and Social Arts

Ubiquity University is partnering with ImaginAction to offer students an opportunity to upgrade their ImaginAction certificate to a Master’s Degree.

Gaia Education

MA/PhD in Design for Sustainability GAIA Education

Ubiquity University is partnering with Gaia Education to offer GEDS students an opportunity to upgrade their GEDS certificate to a Master’s Degree or PhD.

The Shift Network

The SHIFT Masters Degree

Ubiquity University is partnering with the SHIFT Network to offer SHIFT certificate students an opportunity to upgrade their certification to a Master’s Degree.

New Human University

Master’s in Source Code Alchemy

Ubiquity University is partnering with The New Human University (NHU) to offer NHU students who have taken or will take “Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice” an opportunity to upgrade their coursework to a Master’s Degree.

Sounds True

MA/PhD in Transformative Business Leadership

Ubiquity University is partnering with Sounds True to offer students an opportunity to upgrade their Sounds True inner MBA certificate to a Master’s or PhD.

The Conscious Business Institute

Graduate Degrees in Conscious Business

Ubiquity University is partnering with The Conscious Business Institute to offer students an opportunity to upgrade their certificate in Conscious Business to a Master’s or PhD Degree.

Ubiquity University Certificates

Ubiquity University

Nanocertificate in Integral Entrepreneurship

This series introduces you to a new integral way of viewing entrepreneurship and gives you the tools to get started creating your own future fast.

Ubiquity University

Microcertificate in UN SDG Impact

This program designed to help you hone the competencies you need to effectively engage in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ubiquity University

Microcertificate in Practical Wisdom

Our Practical Wisdom series combines the best of corporate training principles with a twist of humor and wisdom to help you apply these skills in your life.

Why Ubiquity

In an increasingly hypercomplex world, traditional educational paths seem out of date. Our liberal arts approach is designed to be about who you are in the world, and how to deal with an increasingly uncertain future.

Our Approach

Our degree programs are an inspired invitation to go deep into a topic related to who we need to become to be able to solve our current global challenges. We draw on the age-old insights from the wisdom traditions as well as the latest insights from modern science.

What we Offer

Our programs are online, and we hold in-person intensives at different locations around the world. We offer Masters and Doctoral PhD / DMin degrees. We have our Wisdom School programs as well as a growing number of degree programs with great partners.

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