Live Sessions

Live Sessions

  • Live Sessions include those courses and other offerings that have a live faculty video component. You can see the type of course by the banner on the course image.

  • Live Workshops are typically 1 zoom session with additional materials. They usually do not qualify for academic credit.

  • Live Webinars are typically 4 to 6 weeks long with weekly zoom sessions and additional materials. They are usually worth 1 academic credit for BA, MA and PhD.

  • Intensives range from 3-day to 7-day courses that give you the opportunity to study amazing sites around the world known for their sacred and historical importance. They can be in-person or virtual. They are usually worth 4 academic credits for BA, MA and PhD.

  • All courses are open to both students and lifelong learners and can be taken for academic credit or audited for no-credit. The one exception is, “The Creative Journey to Dissertation: Finding Your Voice, Making Your Mark,” which is limited to enrolled MA and PhD students only.