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Graduate Degrees in Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Ubiquity University is partnering with Animaltalk Africa to offer practitioners the opportunity to earn graduate degrees (MA, PhD, and MA/PhD) in Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC).

“Through listening to the animals and Nature we are given the key to understanding ourselves and our role in this life.”

The ability to communicate with all animals is innate within each of us. Indigenous African wisdom teaches us that we can connect with Nature on a heart level, and that unconditional love is the key frequency to this process. In this way, our ability to communicate with all animals and the entire natural world can be both reawakened and nurtured. There can be no separation.

Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC), also known as Animal Communication, is becoming globally recognised as an important way to understand beings who do not communicate through human words.

Ubiquity University, in partnership with Animaltalk Africa, is delighted to offer this graduate program in Intuitive Interspecies Communication. On completion of the core program, you will have enough experience and knowledge of these practices to develop your own unique and well-researched contribution to the field in the form of a higher education degree. You will also feel a deep connection to Nature enabling you to find your true direction to make positive change.


On its own, Animaltalk Africa’s Practitioner Certificate is a one-of-a-kind specialization that provides learners with theoretical and practical experience in animal communication. Honing this innate skill enables you to truly grow and gain confidence in many aspects of life in general. Listening to the guidance of the animals and Nature helps to gain insight into how the world could be, with all species living and thriving together in an ecocentric model, rather than the current egocentric way of being.

You will have access to mentors who are there to guide you throughout this journey. There is an extensive reading list to support these studies. In the online student community forum you will share experiences and gather great support from fellow learners.

Once the three levels of the course are completed, graduates will become part of an international community of qualified Intuitive Interspecies or Animal Communicators who can refer clients to each other- particularly for home visits in different countries- and also offer each other support for this important work.

Completion of this course qualifies learners to be placed on Animaltalk Africa’s list of ethical and reputable animal communicators. This will allow practitioners to advertise their services, and to be recommended to clients by Animaltalk Africa.

Those who have completed or enrolled in the Practitioner Certificate program with Animaltalk Africa may also enroll with Ubiquity to upgrade their certificate to a graduate degree.

We recommend that your program begins with Ubiquity’s Creative Journey to Dissertation course, which will give you the tools to shape, and eventually write, your thesis or dissertation. You will then complete your coursework with Animaltalk Africa, and return again to Ubiquity for the higher education credential.

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What our students say

Those who have enrolled in or completed coursework with Animaltalk Africa may begin the process of enrollment with Ubiquity by clicking below.

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About the program

Students will need to complete the following three Animaltalk Africa courses to qualify for the graduate degree path:

Level I: Introduction to Animal Communication

This introductory course will help learners achieve a better understanding of the concept and history of Animal Communication, and understand that Intuitive Interspecies Communication is about getting in touch with all of Nature and connecting with our natural selves.

Learners learn to better understand Life Energy, or the energy of the heart, which connects us all and to understand how to effectively communicate with other animals.

Learners will have opportunities to practice communicating with different animals in many different circumstances. These practice sessions include tracking missing animals and communicating with animals in spirit.

Level 2: Animal Communication - Intermediate

This Intermediate course is designed for those who have completed the Introduction Course to Animal Communication. By this stage learners will be familiar with their own unique process of communicating with all animals. Now is the opportunity to communicate with other species in Nature such as the plant beings, and even the mineral and elemental world. In this next level learners gain confidence in their work and overcome any fears or challenges about using their skills, finding their purpose, and how best they can work with the knowledge base they have developed.

This course guides learners through some very deep processing and inner work. Students are encouraged to start finding their own case studies to practice with, and to put themselves out there on different forums and physical communities, preparing for the Practitioner level. Regular practice is essential in building self-trust and trust in other species. Practice sessions opportunities are part of the course content.

Level 3: Animal Communication: Practitioner

This course prepares learners for the Practitioner’s certification, guiding them towards becoming a professional animal communicator/IIC Practitioner. Learners will have to submit 24 successful case studies on their way to earning this certification. For more information about these programs, please click here.

Program outcomes

Those who complete the practitioner certification will:

All coursework is administered by Animaltalk Africa. Students must contact Animatalk Africa directly for more information about course content, academic requirements and timelines.

Visit the Animaltalk website here for more details.

“The course helped me to recognize my innate gift for communicating with animals. It gave me the insight to be able to remove blocks keeping me from reaching my goal of becoming a professional Animal Communicator. I am so grateful for the support I received from the ATA community… I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining a basic knowledge in Animal Communication or who are interested in becoming a practitioner.”

Rosemary Kimble


Who this program is for

This Program is for anyone who wants to positively change their own lives and those of others The program achieves this by showing the student how to effectively listen and communicate with other species and the natural world. Deepening your soul connection with all beings will assist you in making a valuable difference to the world.

All you need is a deep love for all animals and an open mind and heart. This Program prepares you for this new world paradigm, where deep understanding through the energy of unconditional love and respect is key to our living in harmony with all beings. You will enjoy the natural joy and celebrations of all species in their everyday existences.

Those who have enrolled in or completed coursework with Animaltalk Africa may begin the process of enrollment with Ubiquity by clicking below.

Apply in three simple steps!

Program Faculty

Wynter Worsthorne
Founder and Creator of Animaltalk Africa

Janine Opheim
Co-facilitator and Student Mentor

Trisha Bailey
Webmaster and Student Support

Simon Jamieson
Co-facilitator for Animaltalk Africa’s HEART Journeys

Kate Muller
Professional Animal Communicator and Student Mentor

Eleni Gikakis
Intuitive Interspecies Communicator and Student Mentor

Anthea Myburgh
Professional Animal Communicator, Healer and Student Mentor

MA Degree in Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Animaltalk Africa Coursework

Creative Journey to Dissertation

PhD Degree in Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Animaltalk Africa Coursework

Creative Journey to Dissertation

Chartres Academy

Great Books

MA/PhD Degree in Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Animaltalk Africa Coursework

Creative Journey to Dissertation

Chartres Academy

Great Books

Electives (8 credits)

For each of the degree options available, students have the options of breaking their payments into parts. Please see the table below for this breakdown. Please note that the costs do not include the core program with Animaltalk Africa.

MA Degree


PhD Degree


MA/PhD Degree



1st installment – before enrolling in Creative Journey course


2nd installment – before selection of Major Advisor


3rd installment – upon submission of final thesis/dissertation


1st installment – before enrolling in Creative Journey course


2nd installment – Before taking Chartres Academy and Great Books course


3rd installment – Before choosing Major Advisor and Submitting Dissertation


1st installment – before enrolling in Creative Journey course


2nd installment – Before taking Chartres Academy, Great Books and Electives


3rd installment – Before choosing Major Advisor and Submitting Dissertation

Save up to
paying full

Ubiquity offers a discount for students that are able to make the full payment up front. That means you save $250 on a Masters, $500 on a PhD and $750 on MA/PhD.

The Ubiquity Graduate Degree

The Ubiquity Graduate Program combines the US and European designs of graduate programs with a blend of taught learning with research and writing. The thesis or dissertation must demonstrate excellence at every level. It must show awareness of the history of the literature in your particular area; demonstrate careful analysis and understanding of the field in question; and, most importantly, show how your insight can be applied to the real world. The dissertation must be scholarly and utilize extensive bibliographical data and footnotes. It should, in other words, be an impeccable work of research.

The Creative Journey to Dissertation -
Finding Your Voice, Making your Mark

The “Creative Journey to Dissertation” is a 1-week intensive designed by our Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo. The course is a critical part of the dissertation writing process and is a requirement for all MA/PhD candidates.

Support during your Graduate Program

During your graduate dissertation writing you will be supported by a Major Advisor of your own choosing, as well as optional writing courses and writing mentorship.

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Anthea Myburgh

Anthea Myburgh’s journey into animal communication and holistic
healing ignited in 2012. The transformation that happened through animal
communication assistance from Wynter Worsthorne was enough to convince her then
skeptical heart that ‘this stuff works’! This process was the beginning of her
journey to becoming a professional Animal Communicator, qualifying as a
professional with Animaltalk Africa in 2017. Anthea’s quest for knowledge
and exploration expanded into numerous holistic modalities including Family
Constellations and Equine Facilitated Healing. Inspired by her own horses’
challenges, she delved into Fascia Trauma Release therapy, evolving it into
Fascia Energy Healing for animals. Drawing from the sacred Munay-Ki Rites
(Rites of Love) and the Medicine Wheel, Anthea integrates their teachings into
her practice, recognising the interconnectedness of all modalities (and
beings). With over a decade of learning and growth, she remains an avid
student, embracing every encounter as an opportunity for expansion. Guided by
the Ubuntu ethos, Anthea looks forward to continuing her journey, connecting
with others, and sharing the transformative power of love and healing. She
has been mentoring Animaltalk Africa Students since 2018.

Eleni Gikakis

With over two decades of dedication, Eleni has become a prominent advocate in fostering deep connections between humans, animals, and Nature. She fervently believes in and works towards Interspecies Peace which lead her to found the Interspecies Peace™ Foundation, promoting a world of mutual respect and harmonious coexistence.

Her commitment to this cause is further enriched by her continuous learning and involvement in global conservation efforts. Having done her initial studies with Wynter and Animaltalk Africa, Eleni is also a proud graduate of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ and CoreLight’s New Paradigm of the Heart training. Her collaboration with esteemed organizations, including The Jane Goodall Institute, highlights her dedication in conservation and rehabilitation efforts.|

Eleni’s journey is a testament to the power of listening with the heart and respecting the intrinsic value of all life forms. By sharing her insights and experiences, Eleni inspires us to embark on our own journeys of discovery and connection, advocating for a future where harmony and peace prevail across all species.She has been a valuable student mentor for the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy since 2018 and is based in Greece.

Kate Muller

Kate is an animal communicator from South Africa. She certified with Animaltalk Africa in 2013 and has been working full time as a communicator doing online sessions internationally ever since. Her passion is helping people and animals deepen their relationships through mutual understanding, trust and magic. She works with intuition, telepathy and energy healing to help animals overcome challenges with behaviour, wellness and change in their lives. She loves listening to their soulful guidance for their people and supporting both animals and people in being their unique, incredible and wise selves. Kate also teaches regularly and has a range of children’s books called Creative Nature. Her background is in the arts and nature education. She has been mentoring students through the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy Course since 2016.

Simon Jamieson

Simon met Wynter in 2008 and has been passionate about supporting the vision of Animaltalk Africa ever since. He formally came on board in 2012. Despite qualifying as an aeronautical engineer, his career experience has mainly been in direct sales, sales training and sales management within the financial services sector.

As a father of three independently-minded adults, he is deeply passionate about the future of the planet and understands that the preservation of all is based upon the ultimate balance between Nature, humans and the animals. His skills in people management, sales, and organizational processes greatly assist Wynter in enabling her work to reach more people and have a greater effect towards their joint objectives.

He is the official videographer for Animaltalk Africa’s Virtual HEART Journeys, where his sensitivity and connection with the animal and Nature beings who participate, shines through.

Simon’s deep understanding of people and the spirit of this work, helps students and participants to manifest the guidance they receive during their animal communication experiences into manageable realistic goals.

Trisha Bailey

Zambian born and South African bred, Trisha has worn many creative hats, including being a professional musician for most of her life, owning and operating her recording studio, and practicing as a sound healer. The last 20 years has found her working in creative web design for projects she feels passionate about.

Trisha met Wynter in 2008 when she recorded Wynter’s first “Meditations with the Animals” compilation. She has collaborated with Wynter’s vision since then, bringing valuable assistance with all the administration and implementation of Animaltalk Africa’s teachings. Trisha is responsible for the ongoing design and creative flow of the various Animaltalk Africa associated websites. She brings great technical support to the students in a gentle and practical way. 

Janine Opheim

Janine grew up in Australia and has lived in Norway since 2006. She first met Wynter in 2004 when she attended one of her Animal Communication workshops in England. She started working for Animaltalk Africa in 2015 and qualified with Wynter’s Animaltalk Africa Online Academy in 2016.

She now runs the mentor program, practice sessions, community forum and is also student support. She is a co-facilitator for the three core courses.

Janine was granted honorary LionHearted Leadership™ Accreditation in 2022 after 12 weeks at the White Lion Leadership Academy. She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Evolutionary Astrologer.

Wynter Worsthorne

Based in South Africa, Wynter has been working as a professional animal communicator since 2001. Her passion is African wildlife, and she works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust and various other wildlife organizations. She has been intimately involved in addressing issues related to harmonious coexistence between humans and other animals, working in the field with baboons, elephants, and others. Wynter is a founding member of WAPFSA, the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum of South Africa, which focuses on advocacy and positive change.

Her organisation, Animaltalk Africa was founded in 2005 and teaches all aspects of Intuitive Interspecies Communication from short courses to practitioner certification through the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy. In 2019, Wynter developed and started teaching the H.E.A.R.T. method, working with Heart Energy to Achieve Real Transformation for Nature, with Nature. This initiative led to the formation of the HEART Pride, a dedicated group that supports wildlife, animals, and all of Nature globally.

Wynter is the core facilitator of the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy and guides her students all the way through to professional qualification. Along with her co-facilitators and mentors, students feel nurtured and supported throughout their studies.

Her book, “Where is Biggles? What to do when animals go missing, following the principles of Animal Communication” published in 2012, has helped many people be reunited with their beloved animal friends.