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Academic Certificates in Extraterrestrial Studies

Ubiquity University is pleased to announce a partnership with the New Paradigm Institute to create the world’s first Academic Certificate and Degree Program in Extraterrestrial Studies.

Humanity is
entering our
“ET Moment”

In late 2023 legislation was signed into law by President Biden, initiating a disclosure process to reveal to the world much of the information that has been concealed by the U.S. Government and contracting defense aerospace corporations about the UFO phenomenon since 1945. UFOs are now known as Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, or UAP.

 This is arguably the most consequential legislation in history. The US Government is now in the process of releasing to the world incontrovertible evidence, revealing its possession of non-human origin spacecraft and non-human origin biological evidence.

The evidence retrieved from these vehicles demonstrates conclusively that we are not alone in the universe, that extraterrestrial Intelligences actually exist, and that such non-human intelligent species are currently present and operating on planet Earth. 

Humanity is entering our “ET Moment.”

Ubiquity University is pleased to announce a partnership with the New Paradigm Institute to create the world’s first Certificate and Degree Program in Extraterrestrial Studies.

The New Paradigm Institute will interface with the US Congress as it collects all available material on UAP in the possession of Government agencies and defense corporations, and releases it to the public.  

NPI’s Washington, DC office will help facilitate the release of this information, and also work to catalyze public debate and concerted action designed to ensure benign and mutually beneficial contact with any and all Non-Human species associated with UAP, and with any potential galactic systems and values represented by these Beings.

We intend to build a global coalition of groups that will participate in releasing the information, with the shared collective intent of ensuring that the narrative that emerges about the ETs is both positive and constructive.

Program Overview

By joining this program, you will become part of the first wave of human beings dedicated to enabling humanity to enter its ET Moment in a spirit of open heartedness toward all beings, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial. 

Humanity’s ET Moment makes it imperative that we have peace on Earth within our own human family and the larger planetary ecology. Only by uniting with each other and with Mother Earth will humanity be able to fully realize the potential of interacting with the larger galactic civilizations now being officially revealed to be present on our Earth.

The partnership between Ubiquity University and New Paradigm Institute will be comprised of two separate Certificates: 

  • One offered by The New Paradigm Institute on “The History, Law, Politics and Technology of UFO/UAP”.
  • One offered by Ubiquity University on “Extraterrestrial Awareness and Communication” through its School of Science and Consciousness starting in early 2025.

Each certificate of completion requires the completion of 8 micro-courses. Both must be taken to receive the credit necessary for a Masters or PhD degree in Extraterrestrial Studies

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Participating in the NPI certificate will:

NPI Certificate Requirements

“With UAP/UFO disclosure, humanity is entering a whole new era of collective conscious cosmic contact.”

Dr. Jim Garrison
President, Ubiquity University;
Director, Washington Office, 
New Paradigm Institute

Certificate Requirements
ET Awareness & Communication

Program outcomes of
ET Awareness & Communication

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