Ubiquity is an accredited global university designed for Social Impact. We believe that young people everywhere must be supported with the skills they need to solve pressing global problems that are threatening the planetary ecology and human society.

Ubiquity invites activists and students from around the world to join our global community and learn how to have a real impact on real issues. We offer learning experiences toward degrees, certificates and credentials for change makers and social entrepreneurs of all kinds aimed at transforming personal passion into collaborative actions for the greater good.

Our commitment is to help you unleash your passion, unlock your potential and change the world.


A Ubiquity education brings passion, purpose and people together. Discover, ignite, and develop your true passion with expert mentorship, and make a difference in the world in collaboration with peers world-wide.

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Ubiquity University is launching a Global Sustainability Challenge to support student involvement in solving global challenges, specifically around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Challenge will start at $25,000 and will empower the winners to bring their projects to fruition in a way that affects positive change.


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This course is designed for people with a social vision and a strong personal drive. By learning to apply business model generation, new media marketing, network activation, presentation techniques and team management strategies, you will work in teams to design and implement your own change project or social enterprise that makes a difference in the real world.

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97 Lessons
January 2019

Integral Flourishing: The Science and Spirit of Well-Being is organized around the central theme of "flourishing". What exactly is this elusive phenomenon? And what action can you take to flourish more often, both within yourself and in interaction with others?

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155 Lessons
January 2019

Integral Life Practice (ILP) is a breakthrough program for evolving body, mind and spirit in yourself, culture, and nature. The Integral Life Practice Starter Kit is a fast and easy way to learn ILP, giving you the tools you need to start practicing in your own home and at your own pace.

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37 Lessons
January 2019

This course covers the subject of evolutionary change and its implication for us as individuals as well as for our organizational cultures and structures. Students will engage with integrative maps of organizational and leadership development, as well as instantly applicable practices for becoming more effective and dynamic as individuals and collectives.

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146 Lessons


Our curricular design, along with the the holistic and flexible nature of our learning offerings, give you the best opportunity to follow a course of study that aligns with your true passion and that empowers you to unlock your full potential.

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