For Interested Students

At Ubiquity, our education is designed for your head, heart and hands.

The Student Journey

Congratulations! You have already answered the Call to Adventure and have achieved the first step in your experience with Ubiquity – you are learning about us. Our student journey is modeled after Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The next step in your path is to “Meet the Mentor” by having a conversation with our Admissions staff before you are initiated into the special world of Ubiquity. From there, the world is open to you and we help you not only navigate our world, but rejoin the outer world once you are victorious! Your adventure begins today!

The Chartres Framework

Our inspiration comes from the School at Chartres which was established in Chartres, France in the middle ages. Bishop Fulbert (c. 1020) brought a new focus to the school and it became renowned as an institution that focused on the original seven liberal arts. We are reinventing the traditional seven liberal arts for a new societal context and we have recast them in the following manner. All of our courses fall within this framework to give you the skills you need to effectively engage in a rapidly changing world.

How We Learn

Ubiquity’s Integral Learning Design is unique. Our holistic approach to education is designed to activate your whole person and unlock your full potential.

Integrated Philosophy

Our integrated philosophy is a blend of learning experiences that range from the mystical to the practical. We keep one lens on the ancient past and the other on the coming future. You will find our approach as varied and unique as you are. We want to work with you to activate every intelligence in a holistic way so you are empowered to live your life with deeper understanding and purpose.

Course Types and Costs

Ubiquity courses come in many shapes and sizes. All of them can be stacked towards higher credentials and degrees. Choose the course type that best suits your personal schedule.



3-hour modules designed to introduce you to a particular competency

No-Credit Cost: $20

For-Credit: Bundle 12 together for 3 credits and pay the credit fee difference




12-hour modules designed to deepen competencies in a subject area

No-Credit Cost: $35

For-Credit: Bundle 3 together for 3 credits and pay the credit fee difference




36 hour modules providing a comprehensive overview of a subject

No-Credit Cost: $50

For-Credit: BA/$100 per credit, MA/$200 per credit, PhD/$300 per credit


Learning Journeys


1-2 week in-person or virtual visits to sacred and historical sites around the world

No-Credit Cost: Varies

For-Credit: BA/$100 per credit, MA/$200 per credit, PhD/$300 per credit + fees



A 3-hour Module introduces you to a particular subject


4 weekly modules designed to cultivate specific competency in a subject area


12 – 14 week modules provide a comprehensive overview of a subject

Learning Journeys

1-2 week in-person or virtual visits to sacred historical sites around the world

Design Your Pathway

Ubiquity’s system is modular. Our programs are largely your creation utilizing courses from inside and outside of our learning platform.


Ubiquity’s student-centered approach gives you the flexibility to

Degree Types and Costs

Ubiquity hosts a number of degrees and certificates all designed to expand your consciousness and increase your positive impact on the world. These prices reflect our general student experience. Your total fees may vary and will be explained up front before you embark on your journey. Please see our degree pages where each degree is explained in detail, or the Student Handbook below for more specifics.

Bachelors/BA Completion


Starting out or needing to finish undergraduate work.

$3,000 to $12,000




For seekers ready to take it to the next level.





Cutting edge research into new frontiers.

$18,000 to $22,000




Quick competency sets to build and use immediately.

$140 to $300


Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Ubiquity is committed to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Our sustainability and soft skills curriculums incorporate the UNESCO competency framework and center around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ubiquity is developing our UbiPass which will award badges for competencies you gain during coursework or work experience

Competency-based credentialing is fast gaining traction among educators, CEO’s and companies worldwide as the best way to assess talent and making hiring decisions.

Our Student Handbook