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We help people develop inner competencies to make an effective difference. Here is how our expertise in inner development can help your organisation or community succeed and thrive in a complex world.

Academic Credentialing:

Turn your content into degrees

Ubiquity enables your users to earn Masters and Doctoral degrees by combining your content with UU top-up courses.

Course Collections:

Assess yourselves to get recommended collections or curate your own

Have your staff or community take an assessment on their inner ability to make a positive impact and get recommended courses based on the results. See more information hereYou can also build your own programs, including a branded course page and online community group. Click here for an example of the kind of courses you could offer.

Course Distribution:

Host our content

Add Ubiquity courses to your platform, earn affiliate fees and contribute to transformative learning in the world.

Content Partner:

Share your courses with our community

Share your courses through the Ubiquity platform Enable people to earn credit for your courses towards Ubiquity degrees Link directly to the course on your platform or host a course on the Ubiquity Learning Management System.

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