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The Wisdom Graduate School

Wisdom School is dedicated to the enlargement of the soul and the
expansion of learning within the lager framework of a conscious
Universe where human beings co-create a world in which all life is
embraced as a part of a living whole

Upcoming Programs

Wisdom School Degrees

Ubiquity University

A Master’s degree focused on how ancient and modern-day wisdom is relevant for the challenges that humanity is facing today.

Ubiquity University

A doctoral degree with a focus on the applied research in areas of healing, therapy, spiritual growth, counseling etc.

Ubiquity University

Our doctoral program is dedicated to helping you find your unique well-researched contribution to the world inspired by the wisdom traditions and modern-day insight

Ubiquity University

A program that enables you to get a Master’s and PhD with one dissertation, on wisdom for the modern world.

Examples of Dissertations from our students

Archetypal Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology by Renn Butler

This dissertation reviews and presents original research in the fields of archetypal cosmology and transpersonal psychology.

Divine Power Speaks with the Buddha by Thomas C McGarrity

This dissertation is our listening to this powerfully loving Voice.

Acedia and its Transformation by Dave MacQuarrie

This dissertation reports the results of an investigation into the ancient concept of acedia, the human pattern of avoidance of the effort necessary to live authentically, and the processes that impact its transformation (playfulness, wisdom, hope, and discipline).

Chartres Community Call

Join our monthly online webinars led by founder Jim Garrison,
featuring different renowned guest speakers and faculty each month.

10 am PST, every second Sunday

The Wisdom School Approach

The Wisdom School has a deep dedication to in-person and online holistic learning that emphasizes the heart as much as the head, artistic expression as much as intellectual rigor, the body as much as the soul. Our courses seek to bring balance through diversity, harmony through dialogue, community through caring.

We trace our lineage back to Plato’s Academy, founded in 387 BC. It was Plato, who, with his student Aristotle, further developed the seven liberal arts initially conceived by Pythagoras, which became the basis of education in western civilization and increasingly today, world education. The liberal arts form the foundation for all Wisdom School and Ubiquity courses. Each year we gather at Ubiquity’s Chartres Academy in Chartres, France to explore one of the liberal arts in a seven day in person learning journey.

Deeper than Plato, we trace our lineage back to the mystery schools of antiquity and even further back to the shamanic traditions of indigenous peoples and the spirituality of the Great Mother. It is in this spirit that we embrace all traditions, East and West, North and South, ancient and modern, and all within the context of a living, breathing universe in which all life has its natural and sacred place.

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