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Ubiquity University offers an integrated education product and service portfolio that users access through three main streams.

Explore UbiSkills

Explore learning opportunities from Ubiquity University and other learning providers.


A global provider of credentialed learning experiences – online, blended and in-person – designed to equip you with the mindset, skillset, and toolset to make a living, making a difference. Our Foundation in Soft Skills Program is being used by schools and institutions in multiple countries.


Degrees and independent study courses with opportunities for self-designing your educational journey with guidance from faculty. Explore Global Skills, Sustainability and Regeneration, Integral Transpersonal Psychology, Wisdom Studies, Future-proof Soft Skills, and more.

Equip with UbiPass

Activate your “skill passport” to validate and promote your skills, and match them with global opportunities


Your global “skills passport”. 

A comprehensive record of  your skillset – acquired through work, life and formal study. Linked to global competency frameworks.  Your golden ticket to global recognition, meaningful employment and effective collaboration. 

Engage with UbiVerse

Community platform for individuals and organizations committed to positive change


A hub for global communities of activists, learners and practitioners to come together and affect positive change. A place to connect, learn and amplify your impact.


UbiPass and Skills Matching • U.N. SDG Competency Assessment • World Class Faculty and Field Experts • Digital Course and Resource Library  •  Event Scheduling and Promotion  •  Groups and Subgroups

Our Promise

No commercialization.
You own your data.
No third party ads.
Ethical standards.

See Ubiquity Values and Code of Ethics

Organizations and Partners

The UbiVerse and UbiPass are essential tools to help your organization expand its reach and impact. Join us and co-create a world that works for everyone.

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