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Graduate Degrees
in Ecstatic Mysticism

Ubiquity University is partnering with AWE to offer a Master’s, PhD, DMin or combination MA/PhD in Ecstatic Mysticism, as well as a Masters of Arts (MA) in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy, a PhD in Psychedelic Studies.

We are faced with a range of challenges on both individual and collective levels

Life passages such as birth, death and spiritual emergence co-exist with war, our ecological crisis, extreme poverty and more. The transcendence of these challenges requires a deep connection to both Mystery and personal healing.

Ubiquity University, in partnership with AWE, is delighted to offer this graduate program in Ecstatic Mysticism. This three-year training program (formerly Psychedelic Training) offers a unique synthesis of Western philosophies and therapeutic practices with indigenous knowledge and mystical traditions. On completion, you will have enough experience and knowledge of these practices and traditions to develop your own unique and well-researched contribution to this field in the form of a higher education degree.

We recommend that your program begins with Ubiquity’s Creative Journey to Dissertation course, which will give you the tools to shape, and eventually write, your thesis or dissertation. You will then continue your studies in the Ecstatic Mysticism program with AWE, and return again to Ubiquity for the higher education credential.

If you have already completed your coursework with AWE, you can begin the process of enrolling with Ubiquity by clicking on each of the 3 buttons below:

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Half of Ecstatic Mysticism is dedicated to online immersions led by leaders and pioneers in the fields of transpersonal and integrative psychotherapy, psychedelic medicine and research, deep ecology and systemic theory, dying and death, indigenous wisdom, sexuality and eroticism, and the intersection of madness and mysticism.

The other half is committed to in-depth experiential work during in-person retreats and pilgrimages. These intensives are centered on embodied inner work and therapeutic group processing, along with learning from the diverse traditions, rituals, and cosmovisions of various indigenous communities, including: The A’i, within an A’i-Cofan reservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon; a Massango/Babongo village in Gabon, Africa; the Wixaritari at Wirikuta, the peyote pilgrimage site in Mexico, and the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin sacred territories in Brazil.

About the program

This program is for seekers and leaders from diverse walks of life who express a heart-led calling for personal transformation on their path and meaningful service to their community. Students from a wide range of professional backgrounds and academic specialities will be considered, as will people with unique orientations to engaging with psychedelics, psychotherapies, and spiritual practices.
The course is also available as an online only course for people who are not interested in, or do not have, the means to attend in-person retreats and pilgrimages.
For a full breakdown of AWE’s Ecstatic Mysticism program, including costs, please click here


During this program, you will:

If students wish to continue on with a Masters and/or Phd/DMin with Ubiquity University, they will need to take three pathways in total – both in the full-program and online only options. 

For those interested in a Masters of Arts (MA) in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy and/or a PhD in Psychedelic Studies with Ubiquity, students will be required to take the combination of Psychedelic Medicine, Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Entheogenic Practices and Integrative Psychotherapy as their three core pathways in the Ecstatic Mysticism program. 

Any other combination of three-pathways will also allow students to embark on a Masters, PhD or DMin in Ecstatic Mysticism with Ubiquity.

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“The level of personal growth discovered through the retreats and pilgrimages was truly life changing. The Awe team works with the highest level of integrity when bringing us to these communities, honoring their traditions while helping create further infrastructure for their communities.”

Océane McCord

A Selection of Your Facilitators

Jonathan Dickinson

Ben Malcolm

Anja Loizaga-Velder

Kylea Taylor

Program Requirements

MA Degree in Ecstatic Mysticism

  • Ecstatic Mysticism coursework
  • Creative Journey to Dissertation


PhD or DMin in Ecstatic Mysticism

  • Ecstatic Mysticism coursework
  • Creative Journey to Dissertation
  • Annual pilgrimage to Chartres/ Teotihuacan
  • Great Books


MA/PhD in Ecstatic

  • Ecstatic Mysticism coursework
  • Creative Journey to Dissertation
  • Annual pilgrimage to Chartres/ Teotihuacan
  • Great Books
  • Elective Courses (8 credits)


*The price quoted above does not include the cost of your Ecstatic Mysticism Coursework nor the basic cost for Ubiquity’s annual pilgrimage or other electives.

About AWE

AWE is a non-profit dedicated to integrative psychedelic education and the preservation of mystical traditions within indigenous communities in Latin America and Africa. 

Their mission and calling is to investigate, recover and defend the mystical experience. 

AWE sees this as an essential element to transcend our core collective challenges, such as conflict, war and the ecological crisis, and to give focus to the natural rites-of-passages of birth, death, and spiritual emergence, in order to move towards peace, sustainability, and the development of consciousness. 

For them, one of the ways that transformation gradually occurs is through a mystical experience. Within their initiatory practices with sacred substances they include ancestral, medicinal plants used by different traditional communities around the world, such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, and Iboga.

The Ubiquity Graduate Degree

The Ubiquity Graduate Program combines the US and European designs of graduate programs with a blend of taught learning with research and writing. The thesis or dissertation must demonstrate excellence at every level. It must show awareness of the history of the literature in your particular area; demonstrate careful analysis and understanding of the field in question; and, most importantly, show how your insight can be applied to the real world. The dissertation must be scholarly and utilize extensive bibliographical data and footnotes. It should, in other words, be an impeccable work of research.

The Creative Journey to Dissertation -
Finding Your Voice, Making your Mark

The “Creative Journey to Dissertation” is a 1-week intensive designed by our Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo. The course is a critical part of the dissertation writing process and is a requirement for all MA/PhD candidates.

Support during your Graduate Program

During your graduate dissertation writing you will be supported by a Major Advisor of your own choosing, as well as optional writing courses and writing mentorship.

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Kylea Taylor

Kylea Taylor, M.S., LMFT is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #34901) who has been thinking, writing, and teaching about ethics for over three decades. She developed InnerEthics®, a self-reflective, self-compassionate approach to relational ethics that includes Ethical Awareness Tools useful in maintaining a therapist’s ethical alertness. Kylea teaches the Inner Ethics® model in psychedelic psychotherapy trainings. She started studying with Stanislav Grof, M.D. and Christina Grof in 1984, and was certified by them as a Holotropic Breathwork® practitioner in 1990. She worked with Stanislav Grof as a Senior Trainer in the Grof Transpersonal Training throughout the 1990s, facilitating and observing 1000s of extra-ordinary state of consciousness sessions. She worked for nine years in a residential substance abuse recovery program where she managed a women’s program and facilitated Holotropic Breathwork®. Kylea is President of SoulCollage Inc., a 20-year-old company that trains and provides a community for the over 5000 facilitators in 59 countries who teach the SoulCollage® expressive arts method, which is used for self-discovery and integration. Kylea is the author of The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients, The Breathwork Experience, Considering Holotropic Breathwork®, and is the editor of Exploring Holotropic Breathwork®. InnerEthics.com. Kylea will be teaching a module on Ethics in the Psychedelic Medicine pathway.

Anja Loizaga-Velder

Anja Loizaga-Velder is a German-Mexican clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, with humanistic and transpersonal orientation. Parallel to her psychotherapeutic practice, Anja has been collaborating with indigenous healers and investigating the therapeutic potential of the ritual use of psychedelic plants for over 25 years. She earned a doctoral degree in Medical Psychology from Heidelberg University in Germany with a dissertation on the topic: The therapeutic uses of ayahuasca in addiction treatment, and has published several research articles and book chapters that explore the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca and other psychedelics for the treatment of mental health challenges. She is founding member and director of research and psychotherapy at the Nierika Institute for Intercultural Medicine, in Mexico, a NGO dedicated to the investigation and preservation of indigenous traditions with sacred plant medicines and their therapeutic applications in the treatment of mental health challenges. ​Anja is also adjunct professor and researcher in Humanities in Health at the Medical School at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where she works towards implementing clinical research into evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of sacred plants in intercultural therapeutic settings. Anya will be teaching the module titled Healing with Entheogens 1 in the Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Entheogenic Practices pathway.

Ben Malcolm

Dr. Ben Malcolm earned his bachelor’s degree (BS) in pharmacology at the University of California at Santa Barbara, prior to his Masters in Public Health (MPH) and Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) at Touro University California. He then completed post-graduate residencies in Acute Care at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Psychiatric Pharmacy at the University of California at San Diego Health. After residency, he passed his exam to become Board Certified in Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP). He began his career as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Western University of Health Sciences (WUHS), College of Pharmacy before transitioning to his current entrepreneurial role as a Psychopharmacology Consultant, Psychedelic Educator and Founder of www.spiritpharmacist.com., Ben envisions a society in which access to psychedelic drugs in a variety of safe and supported settings is available for purposes of psychospiritual well-being, personal development, ceremonial sacraments, and treatment of mental illness. His focus is on the intersection between psychiatric medications and psychedelic therapies. He has given several Continuing Education presentations to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, and has published over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed literature relating to psychedelics or psychiatric medications. His vision guides his clinical and education service-related professional activity. Ben will be teaching a module on Screening & Preparation in the Psychedelic Medicine pathway.

Jonathan Dickinson

Jonathan Dickinson is a Mexico-licensed psychologist and researcher who has been working with iboga and ibogaine in both clinical and ceremonial contexts since 2009. He is the co-founder of Ambio Life Sciences, which runs a network of clinics offering ibogaine and 5-meo-DMT therapies. Ambio treated over 430 individuals in 2022, including many US special forces veterans, and others, seeking addiction treatment. He is also the founder of Terragnosis, which was the recipient of the first Nagoya-compliant export license from Gabon to commercialize extracts of iboga sourced from traditional communities for therapeutic use. Jonathan previously served as the Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance, and led the development of the Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification, a risk management guide that remains a standard in the field. He organized several conferences on ibogaine therapy practice and safety protocols, and has collaborated and published about ibogaine in multiple disciplines. In 2014, Jonathan was initiated into a Dissoumba/Fang tradition of Bwiti in Gabon, and in 2022 into the Missoko tradition. Jonathan will be teaching the module titled Healing with Entheogens 3 in the Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Entheogenic Practices pathway.