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Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Engaged Wisdom

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree is a professional doctorate. Like an MD (Doctor of Medicine), a JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence), EdD (Doctor of Education), or DBA (Doctor of Business), a DMin is specific to the pastoral and therapeutic communities. It arose originally for ministers seeking a doctoral degree but who were less interested in the pure research required for a PhD, and more interested in the applied research in areas of healing, therapy, spiritual growth and counseling where the dissertation was in an area they were seeking to apply in their professional work.

Upon completion of Ubiquity’s Doctor of Ministry program, you will be awarded the title “Doctor of Ministry.” This is one of the highest honors society bestows and indicates respect and acknowledgment for expertise that the larger community can count on for integrity and professional competence.

Our Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is open to a spectrum of disciplines and interests. It aims to address a range of problems in virtually every area of human and ecological concern. Our doctoral program is dedicated to helping you shape and co-create a new global civilization so the human species can learn to act as responsible and respectful stewards of our larger planetary ecosystem.

At every level in the doctoral process, you are supported by mentors and coaches. You will be required to take certain core courses and will have the freedom to design the rest of your program in consultation with your mentors and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Students can select courses from either inside Ubiquity or outside Ubiquity. This means that if there is a course you need to take that is offered through another institution, you are free to do so. Ubiquity’s in-person courses are also available for doctoral credit.

Admissions Process: Complete an initial interview with our Dean of Graduate Studies, then submit all materials prior to registering for courses.

All doctoral students must submit:

  • Transcript of completed Master’s Degree that clearly displays title of your major, date of graduation, list of courses taken and grades received
  • Essay indicating your educational goals and the area of research you want to explore
  • Your most recent resume/CV


This DMin Degree is composed of 60 credits

  • Core and elective courses (36 Credits)
  • Dissertation (24 Credits)

Doctoral students must complete three core courses offered by Ubiquity University as well as write a doctoral dissertation. The remaining courses can be taken from Ubiquity or elsewhere as specific courses related to the chosen field of study.

3 core courses (11 credits):

  • Dissertation Writing and Research Methods with Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo (4 credits in-person or online)
  • Great Books with Dr. Jim Garrison and Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo (3 credits online)
  • Ubiquity Chartres Academy, meeting annually in Chartres, France (4 credits in-person)

An additional 25 credits must be earned through course work approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Tuition and Fees

Total Tuition and Fees for the whole Program = $18,000 for 60 credit fees ($300 per credit)*, Dissertation fee, Major Advisor fee, and External Examiner fee.

*This total for courses may fluctuate if courses are taken from outside Ubiquity as Independent Study. To import for credit, you will need to have the Independent Study course approved, write a post-paper to demonstrate what you learned from the course and pay the normal $300 per credit fee.

In-person courses will include logistics costs (for board and lodging for example) which are not included in the costs above.

For more information:
Ubiquity University Student Handbook

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