Level 2

By exploring the basics of relationship building, befriending our shadow and fostering sustainable self-care practices, this collection offers tools to promote healthy relationships on both personal and planetary levels.

Go Deep to Go Far

Collection of Courses tailored for you

Reflect on your areas of strength as well as areas that may need your attention.

The courses below will help you build skills in Relationships, focusing on areas related to safety, family, friendship, belonging and harmony.

If you would like to assess your strength through the lens of Barrett’s 7 levels of consciousness as well as the United Nations 5Ps, please take the free self assessment provided below by our partner Amcara.

If your organization is interested in a group culture assessment, please contact us.

Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness

To check out our other course collections for either Barrett’s 7 Levels or the United Nations 5Ps, please click on the links below

Level 1
Viability & Survival

Level 3
Performance & Self Esteem

Level 4
Evolution & Transformation

Level 5
Alignment & Internal Cohesion

Level 6
Collaboration & Making a Difference

Level 7
Contribution & Service






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