Go Deep to Go Far

Organization for Impact

In these times of exponentially increasing complexity and speed of change, it is hard to know where to turn to help our businesses and organizations not just to cope but thrive. We believe it is to our people that we must turn. Not for skills development but for the building of deeper inner capacities that empower us to navigate any context with greater clarity, compassion and agility, finding the more surface skills we need as we go. As we say at Ubiquity, go deep to go far.

Phase 1

Assess current capacity for individuals and organizational cultures. How well equipped are we to navigate this turbulent reality?

Phase 2

An analysis of where you’d like to be as people and organization, and what the major gaps are.

Phase 3

Curate a collection of courses designed to bridge those gaps, for individual staff and the organizational culture.

Collections of Courses

Our assessments provide feedback framed by Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness and the 5 Ps of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership). These course collections provides options for study in each of these areas

Viability & Survival


Performance & Self Esteem

Evolution & Transformation

Alignment & Internal Cohesion

Collaboration & Making a Difference

Contribution & Service






Who are we?

Ubiquity University is a learning organization committed to equipping people with the mindset and personal capacity needed to make a positive contribution to the world at this time. The university is rooted in the discipline of original academia, encouraging the rigorous pursuit of insight, inspired by both the wisdom traditions and latest science. At Ubiquity, personal development is both an art and a science. We go deep to go far.


Amcara collaborates with like-minded people to co-create a more sustainable world aiming for “Wellbeing for all life”. To free more of our human potential, we must focus on our own inner personal process of wellbeing and peace. This enables us to nurture the health and vitality of the organizational culture in order to deal with the environmental and societal sustainability challenges the world is facing today. Amcara offers a range of free resources to increase our awareness, understanding and consciousness, along with coaching, consulting or mentoring on request.

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Phase 1

How well equipped are we now, individually and collectively?

Ubiquity partners with Amcara to provide quick but yet insightful self-assessments to increase awareness about how sustainable you are as an individual and as an organisation. The assessments also provide the opportunity for you to consciously identify what you need to focus on. We suggest courses to deepen your understanding and life skills to better contribute to a more sustainable world.