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The Masculine Dialogues: Library Collection

When you join The Dialogues, you get more than just a conversation.

You gain a global community of practitioners. You hear directly from world-class thought leaders. And, you receive tools and resources to support you moving forward.

Featuring 60+ leading male & female voices of our time and containing a literal treasure-trove of valuable insights, effective strategies, and proven recommendations, this exclusive on-demand video library + community platform is designed to support men in reimagining & redefining what it means to be a man at this critical time in the 21st Century and to support women to better understand & collaborate in this important endeavor.

Join The Dialogues with:

Michael Meade        V (Eve Ensler)        Gregg Braden    

    Thomas Moore        Larry Dossey         Andrew Harvey   

    Solomon Masala        Celeste Krueger        Heidi Sparks Guber   

    Sedena Cappannelli         Tom Eddington         Gordon Dveirin   

      And many more…

This innovative series of provocative, timely, heart-and-mind-opening programs was live-streamed on Humanity Rising and over 60 collaborating platforms to hundreds of thousands of people in more than 100 countries during Masculine Dialogue Week, November 15th-19th, 2021.

$378 Value – NOW $78

What’s included in the On-Demand Library:

  • 15 Hours of Exclusive Video Programming featuring the talented group of leading male and female thought-leaders who came together for this first of its kind, groundbreaking initiative to conduct an inquiry designed to help men and the women in their lives to live lives of greater meaning, purpose, and commitment in the 21st Century by exploring these important topics:
    • Session 1 – A Series Overview & Why The Masculine Dialogues
    • Session 2 – Man in Relationship to Himself & Soul
    • Session 3 – Breaking Free of “The Man Box”
    • Session 4 – Man in Relationship to Women
    • Session 5 – An Apology to Women from the Patriarchy
    • Session 6 – Man In Relationship To Men
    • Session 7 – The Iconography of Men of Color
    • Session 8 – Man In Relationship to the World
    • Session 9 – Man In Relationship Man to the Natural World
    • Session 10 – A Celebration of The Masculine Dialogues With Special Guests & A Look at What’s Next
  • 9-hour Bonus Video Library featuring 22 more authors and experts who participated in the six previous programs that paved the way for The Masculine Dialogues.
    • Speakers include Michael Lipson, Keith Merron, Michael Taylor, Heidi Sparkes Guber, Celeste Krueger, Anneloes Smitsman, Espiride Ananas Ametista, Sedena Cappannelli, Cuf Ferguson, Kayleen Asbo, and others. Hosted by Lion Goodman (Luminary Leadership Insitute), George Cappannelli (Age Nation) & Jim Garrison (Ubiquity University)
  • More Bonus Content:
    • George Cappannelli’s e-book, “A Man Is…” features excerpts from his soon-to-be-published collection of writings by men about men for men and women.
    • Lion Goodman’s e-book, “Menlightenment: A Book for Awakening Men,” offers men advice on how to be a better man and why that makes a differenc
  • UbiVerse Group – The Masculine Dialogues:
    • A dedicated group on Ubiquity’s UbiVerse Social Learning Platform for keeping the connection going and the inspiration flowing. Connect with others, share content resources, and take action on projects. 
  • Special Discounts & More:
    • Discounted Online Courses to support your exploration of the primary topics covered in The Dialogues: Man in Relationship with Soul, Man in Relationship with Women, and Man in Relationship with the World.
    • Access to our Bi-monthly Invitation-only Masculine Dialogue Collaboratories with Key Content, Q&A, Live Coaching, and Special Guests
    • Your Bi-Monthly Masculine Dialogues e-News
    • Advance Information on the Global Spring Masculine Dialogues Summit 2022
    • More great deals on the post-Global Spring Masculine Dialogues Summit Offer

“A much-needed dialogue series! I especially appreciate the opportunity to connect with friends and friendships, past and present, and to renew our faith and commitment to awakening the best world possible, while awakening the best version of ourselves…” Gregg Braden, Best Selling Author

“These have been heartfelt, necessary, challenging and sacred conversations. Several times today, as disturbing news from the world stage crossed into my awareness, I closed my eyes and could see your faces, hear your words, and notice the skills of give-and-take sharing that emerged in our exchanges. You are balm on raw skin…” Celeste Krueger, President, Celeste Krueger Assoc.

For A limited Time – Only $78!

“Thanks for yesterday, it was probably the best panel I have ever served on. I especially liked the phrase we co-created: Emotional truth is the elixir of healing.” David Kaar, The Mankind Project

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this special offer. We know this collection will help you better navigate the turbulent waters of these times and your subscription will help us continue to create more valuable, relevant programs in support of a more sane, compassionate, and regenerative world for all.


George Cappannelli, Lion Goodman, & Jim Garrison
Your Masculine Dialogues Co-Hosts

“Live as if you were going to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were going to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi


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