Learning Pathways

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Learning Pathways


At Ubiquity each student is free to design their own learning pathway and degree program. Think of what you want to become or what you want to learn and we will help you design a learning pathway that suits you best.

In an increasingly hypercomplex world, traditional educational paths seem out of date. Our liberal arts approach is designed to be about who you are in the world, and preparing you to deal with an increasingly uncertain future. We aren’t about telling you what you should learn, we want you to find what gives you joy and go deeper into those topics. We challenge you to love yourself, speak yourself, and face the future with confidence.

Our courses are an inspired invitation to solve global challenges. Our commitment to sustainability means we do not have a physical campus. Our programs are online and we hold in-person intensives at different locations around the world.

We offer online undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, live webinars, independent study courses (single courses you can take without enrolling in a degree), certificates, and In-Person Learning Journeys. All of our courses can be taken for academic credit or audited for no academic credit.

We hope you’ll explore the many learning pathways we have created and continue to create. Explore more below

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Ubiquity offers a variety of ways to access individual courses. If you already know what course you’re interested in and how you’d like to take it, you may get started at this link.

MACRO COURSES (also called “trimester courses”) are 48-hour courses designed to last 3 months. They unlock the full depth of the Ubiquity experience. Each Macro Course adds up to 3 credits.

MICRO COURSES are 12-hour courses designed to be taken over one month. They help you achieve particular competencies outside of the standard trimester term and are equivalent to 1/3rd of a normal trimester class. They are more flexible than Macro courses, and can be taken on your own at any time at your own pace.  

NANO COURSES are bite-sized, 3-hr courses that provide you with useful information on a specific subject. You can take them at any time at your own pace. 

LITE COURSES are “lite” versions of our Macro offerings. These non-credit courses can be completed at your own pace. Are you interested in gaining skills and credentials but don’t need academic credit or the full hands-on experience? If so, Lite courses are for you. And don’t worry! If you change your mind later, you can complete the full course assignments to gain academic credit toward a higher credential.

Last but not least, we also offer Live Webinars, In-Person Learning Journeys and Partner Courses with other organizations!


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Ubiquity awards certificates, microcertificates and nanocertificates when you take groups of courses that showcase your expertise in a given area. You can use these certificates to highlight your skills with employers and other stakeholders. Certificates are open to all! You do not need to be enrolled in a degree in order to register.


Certificate in Global Skills, Sustainability and Regeneration

This certificate consists of a microcosm of our full BA program by the same name. Based on the liberal arts areas we have defined in our Chartres Framework, this learning opportunity will provide an introduction to essential “soft” skills, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is designed to equip you with the competencies you need to immediately engage in the world around you.

Core Competence Development:

By the end of this Certificate program, you should be able to:

  • Understand essential “soft” skills such as leadership, teamwork and critical thinking.
  • Be more effective in your personal and professional lives by holistic application of essential skills.
  • Articulate the importance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and interior practices.

This Certificate is composed of eight macrocourses (24 credits available for enrolled degree students):


Microcertificate in UN SDG Impact

Ubiquity strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we have developed a microcertificate to give aspiring entrepreneurs and others who may want to develop project, product or business ideas the competencies you need to get our global community one step closer to achieving the SDGs. This series of microcourses gives you a broad based introduction to the UN SDGs themselves and then important skills you need to have as you begin to think about how you want to make a serious difference in the world.

Core Competence Development:

By the end of this Microcertificate program, you should be able to:

  • Understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals, their history, development and targets for achievement
  • Collaborate more effectively with others by developing soft skills such as leadership, creative and critical thinking, and emotional intelligence
  • Develop good problem solving skills, learn how to use the Social Lean Canvas, collect and evaluate data and then pitch your ideas effectively to investors or other funders who might be able to help you with your ideas

Career Possibilities:

  • Entreprenuer
  • Nonprofit Program Coordinator
  • Community Organizer
  • Consultant

This Microcertificate is composed of nine microcourses (9 credits available for enrolled degree students if you purchase Microcourse Credit Conversion Option) and can be purchased by clicking here:

  • Introduction to the UN SDGS
  • Leading in Disruptive Times
  • Emotional Intelligence Basics
  • Change Your Thinking; Change the World
  • Creative Problem Solving Basics
  • Innovate the Lean Way
  • From Data to Insight to Action
  • Impact Measurement
  • Pitching for the SDGs


Nanocertificate in Integral Entrepreneurship

The 21st Century is providing many challenges for humankind as well as our entire biosphere. What the next decade calls for is a new kind of entrepreneur who understands how to balance the needs of business with the needs of themselves as individuals, and their local communities. This Ubiquity Nanocertificate is designed to develop your entrepreneurial skills using Integral Theory as its underlying philosophy.

Core Competence Development:

By the end of this Nanocertificate program, you should be able to:

  • Understand what kind of entrepreneurship is needed in the 21st Century
  • Use Integral Theory to enhance your personal and professional success
  • Develop a project or new business idea that can align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Use your entrepreneurial skill for your personal business goals, or to apply entrepreneurial thinking in companies you may work for

Career Possibilities:

  • Business Owner
  • Consultant
  • Business Development Manager

This Nanocertificate is composed of nine nanocourses and can be purchased by clicking here:

  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part One – Introduction
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Two – Key Decisions: Mission and Strategy
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Three – Operations: Getting Started
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Four – Integral Leadership Development
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Five – Business Economics Fundamentals
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Six – Business Planning for Capital and Action
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Seven – Launching the Business
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Eight – Building Organizational Culture and Climate for the 21 st Century
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Part Nine – Spiritual and Moral Development and the 21st Century Imperative

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Ubiquity offers a variety of online degree programs to suit your needs. From undergraduate, graduate to doctoral degrees, Ubiquity gives you the opportunity to design your own curriculum or follow a pre-designed concentration of your choice. We also offer combined degrees with our academic partners around the world.

→ Explore degree programs

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Ubiquity offers you the opportunity to participate in journeys to amazing sites around the world known for their sacred and historical importance. These in-person experiences provide a balance to the online courses students take at Ubiquity. Check out this year’s In-Person Learning Journeys.

The Learning Journeys are open to all students. You can participate in these Journeys for credit toward a degree, or participate without credit if you choose.


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