Transformational Leadership, Strategy and Governance

  • Faculty: Peter Merry, PhD
  • Trimester Course
  • 3 hours/week, 14 Weeks
  • Content Category: Knowledge

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Course Description:

In today’s rapidly changing world it is essential that we design and lead our communities and organizations in a way that enables them to creatively ride turbulence while also making a positive impact. This course covers the subject of evolutionary change and its implication for us as individuals as well as for our organizational cultures and structures. Students will engage with integrative maps of organizational and leadership development, as well as instantly applicable practices for becoming more effective and dynamic as individuals and collectives.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • express the nature of evolutionary change as compared to other types of change;
  • envisage products or services that help you meet the challenges of our times;
  • reflect constructively on your own and others’ leadership capacity and improve your leadership skills by taking concrete steps;
  • analyze and describe an organization in terms of its level of development and agility; and,
  • describe the impact of transformational leadership, strategy and governance in an organization.


Peter Merry, PhD is the Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University, Founder of the Centre of Human Emergence Netherlands, and a Founding Partner of Engage!. His experience includes facilitating integral change processes in multinational organizations, in government ministries and in mutli-stakeholder initiatives with global stakeholders. He has also spent many years in the not-for-profit sector. He is a recognized expert in the field of evolutionary systems dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Integral in particular. He has had his first book, “Evolutionary Leadership,” published in English and Dutch. He is currently researching the application of noetic science and energetics to whole systems transitions. In this context, he has successfully completed a PhD with Ubiquity’s Wisdom School.

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