Academy of Inner Science

Academy of Inner Science
and Ubiquity University PhD Program

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree program in Transpersonal Research

Welcome to all AIS students!

We are pleased to announce our unique Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree program in Transpersonal Research developed as a partnership between the Academy of Inner Science Graduate Program Germany and Ubiquity University. The program is designed for all of you who wish to discover and explore the interplay of inner and outer science and how these aspects of reality affect our lives and evolution.

Ubiquity is an accredited online University designed for social impact. It seeks to unite a worldwide community of change-makers like you, who share the passion to make a positive impact in the world. The Academy of Inner Science, founded by Thomas Hübl, supports individuals seeking a framework for their own personal development as well as the opportunity to cultivate a deeper transpersonal awareness and participate in collective evolutionary development.

Bridge The Gap Between Inner And Outer Sciences

This innovative doctoral research program investigates the interrelated and interdependent aspects of both sciences infused with personal practices based on mystical principles. Its path is shaped by scientific/discipline – specific as well as personal/spiritual inquiries.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our Transpersonal Research PhD program covers research topics in philosophy, sociology, psychology, education science, management study, and social science (including communication science, linguistics, cultural studies, and ethnomethodology) in order to create an interplay between the “inner” and “outer” sciences.

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For further details of the program, please contact Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo,
Dean of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity University