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002 – PhD in Transpersonal Research

PhD in Transpersonal Research

The PhD in Transpersonal Research, developed as a partnership between the Academy of Inner Science Graduate Program and Ubiquity University, bridges the gap between inner and outer sciences. Our approach to overcoming this gap is by respecting each other, creating a dialogue between both fields of science, and by developing a common language. For this purpose, we need to have a foundation in both inner and outer science and an eagerness to acquire and embody more knowledge by studying and practicing both fields. Our hypothesis is that from this interplay of inner and outer science an innovative contribution to the world will evolve.

Inner Science is understood to be the study and practice of, as well as research into, mystical principles.

This graduate course:

  • fosters research combining the study of inner science with the knowledge of the outer sciences, based on their interrelated and interdependent aspects;
  • is a multidisciplinary host for PhD candidates whose scientific questions are inspired by studies of inner science; and,
  • provides supervision for PhD candidates on both the scientific/discipline-specific level and the personal/spiritual level.

The precondition of this PhD course is successful participation in the Academy of Inner Science’s “Timeless Wisdom Training,” and Ubiquity University’s four Core Courses.

30 credits must be completed from both universities’ core courses plus 32 credits attained for the doctoral dissertation, totaling 62 credits.

Core Courses:

Required courses from the Ubiquity University and The Wisdom School (15 Credits):

  • Chartres Academy (In-person or online) (4 credits)
  • Great Books (Live online webinar) (3 credits)
  • The Creative Journey to Dissertation: Finding Your Voice, Making Your Mark (Live online webinar) (4 credits)
  • One more Intensive or Live Webinars equaling 4 credits

Required courses from the Academy of Inner Science (15 Credits):

  • Pocket Project Training (10 Credits)
  • Any online course at AIS (3 credits)
  • AIS Summer School (2 credits)

Program must be completed within a period of seven years from initiation of study.

The PhD program is comprised of a combination of the above courses, for which post papers, and a dissertation are required. The dissertation includes an oral examination with a dissertation committee.

The rules guiding our assignment collection and grading process can be found here: Ubiquity University Grading Policy

Information about how we process refund or cancellation requests can be found here: Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Prof. Dr. Kazuma Matoba, Managing Director of AIS-Graduate Program, will offer general advice and assistance to all PhD students in selecting the appropriate Major Advisor. Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo, Dean of Graduate Studies for Ubiquity University, will coordinate the program for the Ubiquity side.

Tuition and Fees

Total Tuition and Fees for the whole Program = $18,000 for 60 credit fees ($300 per credit)*, Dissertation fee, Major Advisor fee, and External Examiner fee. You pay as you go for the courses. The dissertation fees must be paid in full prior to dissertation defense. Payment plans for the dissertation fees portion are available. For more information about the dissertation process itself, please see our Dissertation Manual.

*This total for courses may fluctuate if courses are taken from outside Ubiquity as Independent Study. To import for credit, you will need to have the Independent Study course approved, write a post-paper to demonstrate what you learned from the course and pay the normal $300 per-credit fee to transfer toward your Ubiquity degree.

In-person courses will include logistics costs (for board and lodging for example) which are not included in the costs above.

For more information, see our AIS Inner Science Handbook

As a global institution, Ubiquity University is not accredited by any single state or nation. We are a member of the Global Accreditation Council which seeks to establish a new standard for universal education dedicated to regenerative ecological, social and spiritual principles.


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