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014 – MA – Global Social Witnessing

Master of Arts (MA) in Global Social Witnessing


Ubiquity is excited to establish a strategic partnership with the Academy of Inner Science (AIS), Institute for Global Integral Competence (IfGIC), and CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution (CMMI) to offer this Master of Arts in Global Social Witnessing degree to learners who are interested in the field of awareness-based systems change.

Many caring, committed individuals wonder how to respond to global events that seem out of control. Social activists, health professionals, leaders, and healers from every walk of life are emotionally overwhelmed and with no effective way to respond and make a difference. They yearn to be able to respond, to see the possibility of finding some restoration to conflict, suffering, and injustice around the world.

Global Social Witnessing (GSW) is an essential new social technology that offers a way to restore possibility. First introduced by Thomas Hübl in 2017, it is about developing the human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, creating an inner world space mirroring these events. In doing so we increase our ability to respond, and more effective healing and peace-building become possible.

“Global Social Witnessing begins with each individual. It is the ability to relate to processes, incidents, and situations that happen in our culture. But in order to relate to myself, I need to have the ability to adequately map my outside into my inside … When I can create a physical, emotional, and mental representation of (outer) events within myself can I really relate to them. This relationship, in turn, allows me to come to an appropriate (not reactive), creative action.” (Thomas Hübl)
The purpose of this course of study is to increase our understanding of GSW as well as our capacity to apply it to our lives and the world.

The target students of the MA in GSW are Change-makers, including: educators, political activists, artists, local and global leaders, etc.

Introduction to the MA in Global Social Witnessing

On April 27, 2021 an introductory session was held for students to give an overview of the degree. We recorded the meeting and have posted below for your information.


Program Goals

The goal of MA in GSW is to enhance students’ witnessing competence for their transformative action research in the world. In this transformative research, students should be able to address the three included components: knowledge (cognitive understanding of the witnessed subject matter); self-mastery (their socio-emotional reflection about their values, beliefs, and cultural norms and how those may have shifted during the program); and impact (behavioral changes they intend to make in their personal and professional lives based upon what they have witnessed in the program).

Program Design

The Ubiquity MA in GSW Degree is composed of 30 credits made up of 20 course credits and 10 credits for the dissertation.

GSW Core Courses (9 Credits): A set of 3 required courses.

  • Global Social Witnessing: Foundations (3 Credits – online)
  • The Science of Witnessing (3 Credits – online)
  • Art as Global Social Witnessing (3 Credits – online)*

*Course requires attendance at the Spring/Summer School of GSW to help us maintain our GSW network and develop the educational tools of GSW while deepening your understanding of GSW.

Ubiquity University Core Courses (8 Credits): A set of 2 required courses.

  • The Creative Journey to Dissertation: Finding your Voice, Making your Mark (Gyorgyi Szabo, UU – online)
  • Chartres Academy (UU – in-person/virtual)

Elective Courses (3 credits):

Once you have completed your core courses, you must choose 1 additional macro-course. Below is a list of the specific courses that are available for the MA GSW.

  • Transformative Inner Science: Foundations (Kazuma Matoba, AIS – 3 Credits – online)
  • Cosmopolitan Communication (Kazuma Matoba, et al., UU – 3 Credits – online)
  • Other AIS/UU course offerings

Dissertation (10 Credits):

At the end of your degree, you are requested to write a dissertation. For further information, please contact either Prof. Dr. Kazuma Matoba or the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo.

The rules guiding our assignment collection and grading process can be found here: Ubiquity University Grading Policy

Information about how we process refund or cancellation requests can be found here: Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Tuition and Fees: Approximately $6,000 including advisor and dissertation fees.

For more information, see the full MA in our AIS Inner Science Handbook

As a global institution, Ubiquity University is not accredited by any single state or nation. We are a member of the Global Accreditation Council which seeks to establish a new standard for universal education dedicated to regenerative ecological, social and spiritual principles.

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