MA/PhD Program FAQ

Ubiquity University works with educational partners around the world to provide students with the opportunity to earn graduate degrees in areas related to inner development and global regeneration. These partnerships allow students to complete the coursework with a partner and then upgrade their coursework to Master’s or PhD credentials by completing their thesis/dissertation with Ubiquity University.

If you are interested in joining a Master’s or PhD program with Ubiquity, this FAQ document may help to answer some of your questions. If you would like to contact Ubiquity directly, you may reach out to admissions@ubiquityuniversity.org

First of all, you will need to complete all your coursework in the associated partner program.

Then, MA candidates will be required to complete the Creative Journey to Dissertation course with Ubiquity, select a Major Advisor and complete their dissertation.

PhD students will have to complete the above requirements while also taking two other core courses with Ubiquity - The Chartres Pilgrimage (virtual or in-person) and The Great Books course.

*In certain partner programs, students may need to take additional coursework with Ubiquity if incoming credits do not fulfil MA/PhD credit requirements.

In all cases, students must be proficient enough in English to produce a dissertation worthy of the credential.

Students entering the MA program must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.

Students entering the PhD program must possess at least a Master’s Degree or equivalent.

Ubiquity is open to accepting students who do not meet the above requirements but that possess work and life experience that amount to the equivalent. Candidates will be assessed at enrolment when they submit (i) Their CV (ii) A 1000 word essay describing why their work/life experience justifies BA/MA equivalence (ii) A 2000 word academic writing sample on a topic of their choice (iii) An interview with Ubiquity

Many Ubiquity graduates do not consider English their first language. However, a strong grasp of written English is required to complete the dissertation phase of your graduate degree. Candidates’ language proficiency will be assessed during the enrolment process described above. Ubiquity will also support candidates with language resources in the event that remedial support is needed.

All graduate students are required to complete the Creative Journey to Dissertation course, a 1-week intensive which frames the thesis/dissertation writing process and provides key insights and tools on how to approach the challenge.

Students are free to enrol in this course whenever they choose but we recommend that students take the Creative Journey course at the start of their subject coursework so that they may frame the entire learning journey within the context of producing a thesis/ dissertation by the end.

An MA with Ubiquity requires 30 credits (240 engagement hours) and the completion of the thesis writing process.

A PhD with Ubiquity requires 60 credits (480 engagement hours) and the completion of the dissertation writing process.

Learners may submit any prior coursework to Ubiquity for review and convert these external credits to Ubiquity credits for a fee - $100 per BA credit, $200 per MA credit, $300 per PhD credit. If incoming course credits do not meet the credit requirements for the graduate degree, students will be expected to meet this requirement by taking additional courses with Ubiquity or a partner institution.

Students have a period of 7 years to complete their coursework and write their thesis/ dissertation.

Yes, it is possible to pursue an MA and a PhD at the same time. In this program you only write one dissertation, at the PhD level. For the MA phase, you complete the Creative Journey to Dissertation course and the Chartres Academy course (in-person or virtual) for Master’s credits. For the PhD you complete either Foundation in Soft Skills or Great Books (for 3 credits) plus other elective courses of your choice for a minimum of 8 PhD credits (e.g. 2 x 3-credit Macro courses and 2 x 1-credit micro-courses). Once these courses are completed you can start on your dissertation.

Ubiquity University is a registered University legally authorised to award academic degrees. We have awarded over 300 degrees so far.

Ubiquity has chosen to work outside of the existing, traditional accreditation systems due to their inflexibility, slowness to process new programs and lack of appreciation for holistic learning approaches. We have chosen to really go for what students, employers and the world is telling us is actually needed to help humanity transition through these challenging times and grasp the opportunities at hand.

Together with partner learning institutions and conscious employers, we have created the Global Accreditation Council which guarantees that its members are delivering learning experiences that both engage the whole person and equip them for the real issues we face, and also are of the highest quality and professionalism.

To achieve the first, the GAC has an Impact Assessment to review the content of the learning programs on offer by applicant members. To achieve the second, the GAC uses rigorous third party quality assessment processes provided by the well-established Online Learning Consortium. The GAC seeks to model the future of accreditation. We believe that this combination guarantees you a transformational and high quality learning experience that you can trust and will equip you more fundamentally to make a positive contribution to our world.

The truth is that no University or employer anywhere is obligated to recognize any credential from anywhere. This means that, no matter where you get your degree, nothing is guaranteed.

That said, Ubiquity acknowledges the challenge of the transition between the old system to a new system. This transition will depend on whether new system credentials will be recognised by old system institutions. In our experience, there is no simple answer to that. Open-minded employers and educational institutions look at you as a person and what you have actually learned and developed through your educational experience. In that situation, we believe you are likely to have a greater chance of making a good impression than graduates from more old-school institutions. However, some employers and educational institutions might just look at the bureaucratic information around a credential and whether it fits the old system’s requirements. In that case, there is no guarantee that your Ubiquity credential will get through their bureaucracy. We believe that if you get the training you know you need, you will find the place where you can offer your gifts out into the world.

If you have any questions about our accreditation, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to talk to you about our choices. We are committed to full transparency and supporting you to find a way to connect your passion, purpose and expertise to real needs in the world.

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