Weekly Wrap Up with Jim Garrison: Babies Conquer Trump

The specter of infants being torn away from breast feeding mothers, young sons from their fathers, of parents being deported while their children remained in cages under a sweltering Texas sun, was a shock to America and the world. In another outrage against civility and morality, the Trump administration has been charging refugees coming across the U.S. border with Mexico with felony crimes and seizing their children who were put in huge warehouses, some labeled “Tender Age Centers.” As of last count, there are over 2,300 children in internment custody and increasing by an average of 70 per day. Finally sound recordings of babies and children crying and pleading for the parents, followed by pictures and videos of unattended kids, caused a mounting furore.
Shock at what was happening gave way to anger and protest. First Lady Melania Trump was one of the first to declare her dissent against what her husband was doing, something unprecedented in U.S. history. She was supported by all the living former First Ladies of the United States. Governors began unilaterally withdrawing their National Guard troops from the U.S.- Mexico border in protest. Congressional representatives and Senators spoke out. One couple started a Facebook page expecting to raise $15,000. They raised $15 million in only a few days. At one point, they were bringing in $10,000 every ten minutes. All the money was sent to organizations near the internment camps to help provide legal aid to help put the families together again. Seldom before have so many stood up to such an outrage in such a short period of time.
Finally Trump caved to the pressure and on June 20 issued an Executive Order stopping the separation of children from their parents, although in a evil twist stated that children already separated from their parents would remain separated. His callousness and racism is an affront to everything America stands for, everything the civilized world holds as sacred, and everything children need for their wellbeing.
Ubiquity stands with the refugees. We stand with the children. We stand with people of good will all over the world who value the sanctity of life.
“Weekly Wrap Up with Jim Garrison” is a weekly post on important world events by Jim Garrison, Ubiquity President/CEO. 
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