Integral Transpersonal Psychology

BA Completion, MA, and PhD degree concentrations
Integral Transpersonal Psychology

Welcome to our BA Completion and MA and PhD concentrations in Integral Transpersonal Psychology. This program is being offered as a partnership between the Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI) in Milan, Italy and Ubiquity University.

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About the Degrees

This program takes an integral, trans-personal approach to psychology. It proposes a new, innovative way of thinking which transcends the dualisms of the rational mind and includes the larger ecofield beyond the individual person. In a dynamic world, the combined approach of integral and transpersonal provides a larger framework of understanding which emphasizes the interconnections between all aspects of reality and deep empathy with the experiences of all people.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore realms beyond the mind to include and transcend conventional thinking
  2. Engage your inner experience and your authentic self
  3. Develop a full-spectrum understanding of human experience and behavior
  4. Explore the transcendent dimension of human experience
  5. Bring heightened creativity to problem solving


How to Apply


What do you need to participate in this program?

Equivalent of 3 years
of higher education
Complete 5 core
courses and
5 elective courses
All core courses taken
at Ubiquity
Elective courses may be taken from Ubiquity, ITI, or other partner schools

ITI students must apply through Ubiquity University Admissions

ITI students must apply through Ubiquity University Admissions

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For further information please contact Matt Robertson, Dean of Admissions, Ubiquity University, or Pier Luigi Lattuada, Founder and Director, Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy.