Faculty Spotlight: Lee Mason

My name is Lee Mason and I was born in London, England but currently live in Amsterdam. At the age of 14, I had my first ever paying job as an educator, teaching English to dyslexic pupils at my grammar school. Following grammar school, I studied Physical Therapy at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. After graduating, I worked within various sectors of the Dutch healthcare industry including inside a hospital, a rehabilitation centre, a number of private practices and in a hospice for the terminally ill. Gradually over the course of approximately two-thousand patient sessions I became aware of how much physical, emotional, mental and even existential suffering we could prevent as human beings, if only we were taught from a young age how to develop – and maintain – a healthy relationship with our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

For more than two decades now my primary purpose in life has been to facilitate growth, development and, where possible, unity awareness within myself and others. As a physical therapist and coach, I’ve hosted thousands of sessions to help patients and clients to improve their well-being; as a teacher, I’ve helped hundreds of students gain greater insight into theories related to well-being and helped them translate these theories into practical behaviors; as a trainer, I’ve taught courses on Integral Theory to consultants, psychologists and doctors and I’ve hosted workshops on Flourishing for business, healthcare, and education professionals.


Lee teaches the Integral Flourishing course on Ubiquity’s learning platform. Here is what he had to say about it:

“I’m really excited to be teaching the Integral Flourishing course at Ubiquity University because it really contains the best of what I have to offer to the world, both professionally and personally. It combines the most effective exercises and the most inspiring theoretical content of my entire career. My primary goal is to provide participants in the Integral Flourishing course with a number of practical techniques that can help them to concretely improve the quality of their daily lives”.


If you’d like to contact Lee and learn more about Integral Flourishing (available in September) or about the work he is doing, please visit: https://www.ubiquityuniversity.org/courses/integral-flourishing/ 





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