Graduate Degrees in Regenerative Health

Ubiquity University, in collaboration with Dr. Stephanie Mines and in partnership with Climate Change and Consciousness and the TARA Approach, is offering students an opportunity to upgrade their coursework in Regenerative Health to graduate degrees.

For more information on your coursework in Regenerative Health, please visit www.Tara-Approach.org.

Want to upgrade your coursework in
Regenerative Health to a MA or PhD?

Complete your PhD dissertation/MA thesis with Ubiquity and do just that!

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Program Director

Dr. Stephanie Mines

Founder at Climate Change and Consciousness
and The TARA Approach


Dr. Spring Cheng

Stella Osorojos Eisenstein, MTOM.

Program Requirements

In addition to your Regenerative Health coursework, you must meet the following requirements for each graduate degree. 


MA in Regenerative Health

  • Creative Journey to Dissertation
  • Complete MA Thesis


PhD in Regenerative Health

  • Creative Journey to Dissertation
  • Chartres Academy*
  • Great Books
  • Complete PhD Dissertation


MA/PhD in Regenerative Health

  • Creative Journey to Dissertation
  • Chartres Academy*
  • Great Books
  • Electives (8 credits)*
  • Complete MA/PhD Dissertation


*The price quoted above does not include the cost of your Regenerative Health Coursework nor the basic cost for Chartres or other electives. For more information on your coursework in Regenerative Health, please visit www.Tara-Approach.org

The Ubiquity Graduate Degree

The Ubiquity MA/PhD combines the US and European designs of Master’s programs with a blend of taught learning with research and writing. The Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation must demonstrate excellence at every level. It must show awareness of the history of the literature in your particular area; demonstrate careful analysis and understanding of the field in question; and, most importantly, show how your insight can be applied to the real world. The thesis/dissertation must be scholarly and utilize extensive bibliographical data and footnotes. It should, in other words, be an impeccable work of research.

The Creative Journey to Dissertation - Finding Your Voice, Making your Mark

The “Creative Journey to Dissertation” is a 1-week intensive during which you will work directly with our Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo. The course is a critical part of the dissertation writing process and is a requirement for all MA candidates.

Faculty: Gyorgyi Szabo

Support during your Graduate Program

During your graduate dissertation writing you will be supported by a Major Advisor of your own choosing, as well as optional writing courses and writing mentorship.

Want to know more about this program in Regenerative Health?

The Regenerative Health model was developed by Dr. Stephanie Mines as a response to meeting the devastating health consequences of the climate crisis, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World incorporates all medicines and is shaped to the needs of individuals and communities.

Healing wisdom is in the cells of our bodies. It is inherent and innate, and available to everyone. We can awaken to it particularly when we are together. This is why the Regenerative Health model emphasizes healing in community. The Regenerative Health model aims to collate regenerative and sustainable resources, including indigenous medicines that are transferable, with permission, to others. This includes touch therapies, healing songs and stories and related traditional and innovative healing arts.

It is the delivery of culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, effective and safe regenerative healthcare modalities that is the main function of the Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World model.

For more information on certifications please visit www.Tara-Approach.org.

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Stella Osorojos Eisenstein, MTOM.

After earning a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA, and accreditation through the National Certifying Committee for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Stella Osorojos Eisenstein went on to study Esoteric Acupuncture with Mikio Sankey, Ph.D.; Ortho-Bionomy with Ursula Hofer and Christina Montes de Oca; Depth Hypnosis with Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.; and Integrative Manual Therapy with Sharon Wiselfish-Giammatteo, Kris Albrecht, and Lissa Wheeler.

At Emperor’s College, Stella studied under Yvonne Farrell, author of Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, which provides the critical modern understanding of the Extraordinary Meridians. Stella began teaching Resonant Attention in 2021 and sharing about re-skilling medicine at resonantattention.substack.com, where she also documents her own journey with autoimmune disease, scoliosis, and cancer. Resonant Attention engages the power of Interbeing and even miracles. Stella explores the energetic phenomena and felt experience around healing, including trauma, homeopathy, stay-listening, witnessing, allopathy, intention, and ritual. Resonant Attention seeks, ultimately, to heal medicine itself.

Dr. Spring Cheng

Dr. Spring Cheng spent the first half of her life in traditional, pre-industrialized China and the latter half in the US. After she received a doctoral degree in molecular biology and masters in biostatistics, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a data scientist. However, in her career as a scientist, her heart and spirit felt empty and deserted. She then dedicated herself to reconnecting with her own indigenous roots through Chinese medicine and Taoism. Later, with her partner Joe Shirley, Spring co-founded the Resonance Path Institute, where she integrated these different disciplines through coaching and leadership development.
Spring invented The Resonance Code, a rebirth of the ancient Chinese classic I Ching, the Book of Change, in the context of leadership and organizational development. She is the author of The Resonance Code: Empowering Leaders to Evolve towards Wholeness. She is an advocate for integrating indigenous wisdom with modern thinking in the field of adult development. She brings her work to diverse places such as the U.S., Canada, China and European countries.

Dr. Stephanie Mines

Founder: Climate Change and Consciousness, Founder: The TARA Approach

Dr. Stephanie Mines is the author of five books that reflect over three decades of research as a neuroscientist. She has investigated shock and trauma as a survivor, a professional, a clinical researcher, and healthcare provider. Her nonprofit, The TARA Approach is instrumental in the systemic change she promotes as a Regenerative Health paradigm. Dr. Mines also developed Climate Change & Consciousness to facilitate inner transformation for grounded climate action. Climate Change Consciousness serves an international and intergenerational community of visionary activists. Dr. Mines’ latest books, The Secret of Resilience: Healing Personal and Planetary Trauma Through Morphogenesis, and The Great Physician: Medicinal Poetry for the Anthropocene, will be released in the Spring and Summer of 2023.