Emotional Intelligence – Affirmations: I Stand & Expand

Let me take this moment to first celebrate the fact that I am blogging again!!!! Whew…It really feels like centuries since my last blog. The bird is out of the cage…the bear is out of the cave…and the wolves are out hunting, once more. Yep! These are the best analogies to express my freedom to write! Smile, friends!

Nonetheless, It wasn’t too long ago that our team requested a few videos and blogs on emotional intelligence. I was completely thrilled and humbled, all at once. Thrilled at the fact that I would be writing creatively, again! And humbled at the fact that I am no expert on matters related to emotional intelligence. But, as I acknowledge this, all pressures were removed and the reservoir of creativity began to flow.

The first thing that came to mind were “affirmations.” The challenge I was met with was which one(s) should I choose that would be “fitting” for the time. After a few short breaths and 1 or 2 “hail marys”…it came to me. Immediately, I was confronted with an affirmation that has brought me peace and balance for the last 6-8 months. “Stand and Expand.”

That’s right! Simple and compact. If you are anything like me, you are always thinking about how to make things “digestible” and simply, teachable…. I, thoroughly, love learning about the deep and esoteric teachings of…all; however, when explaining these deep, esoteric, and abstract concepts, much can get “lost in the sauce.” So….

“Stand & Expand,” like many things there’s always a story. That said, here goes:

Emotional Intelligence Affirmations: Stand and Expand

I had just moved out the country about 3 years ago and 3-4 months afterwards, I was confronted with some historic traumas. I resisted the temptation to avoid the emotional trauma and decided to “stand” in the emotion and learn. The more determined I was to confront the trauma the more vision I was given to see myself beyond the fear of that trauma. As a result, when I’ve encountered problems since, I often reference this affirmation; leading to many personal micro wins.  

I offer this affirmation to you with the hopes that it will be as rewarding as it has been for me. Yes, you will have to “wash, rense, and repeat”; however, this can be a “tool” to add to your affirmation “tool-kit”.  

P.s. If you would like to go through a quick practice please click here.

Yours truly,

Rodrick Chambers

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