The Masculine Dialogues: Library Collection

This innovative series of provocative, timely, heart-and-mind-opening programs was live-streamed on Humanity Rising and over 60 collaborating platforms to hundreds of thousands of people in more than 100 countries during Masculine Dialogue Week, November 15th-19th, 2021

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15 Hours of Exclusive Video Programming

Featuring the talented group of leading male and female thought-leaders who came together for this first of its kind, groundbreaking initiative to conduct an inquiry designed to help men and the women in their lives to live lives of greater meaning, purpose, and commitment in the 21st Century by exploring these important topics:

Session 1

A Series Overview & Why The Masculine Dialogues

Session 2

Man in Relationship to Himself & Soul

Session 3

Breaking Free of “The Man Box”

Session 4

Man in Relationship to Women

Session 5

An Apology to Women from the Patriarchy

Session 6

Man In Relationship To Men

Session 7

The Iconography of Men of Color

Session 8

Man In Relationship to the World

Session 9

Man In Relationship Man to the Natural World

Session 10

A Celebration of The Masculine Dialogues With Special Guests


9-hour Video Library featuring 22 more authors and expert


2 E-books by George Cappannelli and Lion Goodman

Student Experiences

Gregg Braden

Best Selling Author

A much-needed dialogue series! I especially appreciate the opportunity to connect with friends and friendships, past and present, and to renew our faith and commitment to awakening the best world possible, while awakening the best version of ourselves…”

Celeste Krueger

President, Celeste Krueger Assoc.

“These have been heartfelt, necessary, challenging and sacred conversations. Several times today, as disturbing news from the world stage crossed into my awareness, I closed my eyes and could see your faces, hear your words, and notice the skills of give-and-take sharing that emerged in our exchanges. You are balm on raw skin…”


Michael Meade

V (Eve Ensler)

Gregg Braden

Thomas Moore

Larry Dossey

Celeste Krueger

Solomon Masala

Andrew Harvey

Heidi Sparks Guber

Tom Eddington

Sedena Cappannelli

Gordon Dveirin

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