Holistic Health Mastery


Doctors, therapists and other care & cure advisors see huge potential for improvement in health consulting, treatment and the way they perform, but it’s not so easy to see how to go about it in an effective way. Recurring self-education has of course become the standard, thereby expanding one’s scope, but nobody wants to be labeled a quack. So how can this self-education be done effectively? The current medical curricula for doctors, therapists, specialists and other cure & care practitioners have difficulty keeping up with the ever more-often expressed desire to apply a broader perspective on diagnosing symptoms, treatment and coaching. Practitioners need a solid and innovative curriculum that offers a validated way to learn to apply an integral view on illness and a joint exploration of the path back to total health; back to the experience of wholeness. They need a course that teaches them to maintain a solid balance between the longing for health within the patient on the one hand, and the reliable expertise of the practitioner on the other hand. They need a course that teaches Holistic Health Mastery. This course inspires health practitioners who want to apply positive health in a holistic way. This is the proposition of the Holistic Health Mastery course.

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