How I won the award for Innovative Lion Lady of the Year

Winning this award was a memorable moment in my life. This year was the first time this category was introduced to the Lions Club movement and highlights our mission to search for innovative ideas that serve the needy.

As Chairperson, it was my duty to organize the installation ceremony for 300 Cabinet officers and 300 club office bearers of Lions Clubs International District 306 C2, for the year (2018/2019). Although this was not a fundraising project, I wanted to try my best to convert the event into a fundraiser and raise funds for Vision, Diabetics, Childhood Cancer, Hunger, and the Environment.

I visited a few leading companies and discussed with them the story of the Lions journey over the past year. Even I was surprised to get the maximum sponsorship received for the District ever from a local NGO. My initiative was to have Lions  Club tap into CSR funding and roll out collaborative projects with NGO’S. We hope to conduct community service projects with the support of NGOs and develop high impact projects for the needy.

Lion leaders feel that my thinking is different. For this I owe Ubiquity’s program in “Transformational Leadership and Strategic Governance” that I have watched. I have also learned a lot from the great scholars at Ubiquity University who have changed my thinking pattern, helping me to think outside of the box while making a difference in the world.

Dilini, nnovative Lion Lady of the Year

Author: Dilini Gunasekera

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