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(Chartres Academy) Virtual Grammatica: From Trauma to Transformation Intensive

Immerse yourself in this 7-day virtual initiation in the first of the Liberal Arts — Grammatica, which concerns the power of words. The words we will explore are trauma and heart coherence, alongside practices specifically designed to empower you toward healing and wholenessThrough dialogue, meditation and ritual we create brain and heart coherence. This is an opportunity to heal your wounds and transform your life.

Faculty: Robert Browning, Sheva Carr, Apela Colorado, Ruth Cunningham, Jim Garrison, Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss, Calen Rayne and Banafsheh Sayyad 
plus special bonus: Jim Garrison in dialogue with Thomas Hubl and Gabor Mate 
Academic Credit: Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral – 4 credits
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Chartres Community Calls – Join the faculty and participants in a monthly call on the second Sunday of the month for discussions on the topics included in the intensive. Register for future Calls.
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The Liberal Art of Grammatica: From Trauma to Transformation

We have shaped Grammatica around two fundamental questions at this moment in history:

• What is the most fundamental and pervasive phenomenon in our contemporary world? Which “Word” best describes our situation today? 

What is the most effective way to bring healing and wholeness to our lives?

We propose that the most fundamental reality being experienced in the world today, and the most fundamental “Word,” is trauma. We are all victims of trauma. It permeates every aspect of human society and the natural ecosystem and has been building in the world psyche for generations. If we are to heal, we need to examine the pervasive trauma that infects our lives, our politics, our economics, our religions, and now threatens our planetary ecology.

What is the most effective way to transform trauma into healing? The answer we will explore is through heart coherence. All healing begins in the heart. To experience this, we have partnered with the HeartMath Institute which for decades has been pioneering research in and practices for creating heart coherence. Featured speakers Robert Browning and Sheva Carr, HeartMath Master Trainers and Co-Founders of Heart Ambassadors explain the mysterious power of heart coherence and teach us how to create it in our lives. 

Increasing coherence is the key to healing. When the brain and the heart reach coherence, especially in a spirit of loving kindness and gratitude, the entire chemistry of the body is transformed. Everything we think, say and do affects our body chemistry for good and for ill. With these videos, you can learn how to develop positive emotions and clear intentions about a positive future. Embodied Transformed Consciousness is the key to a coherent life and to changing the world.


  • Robert Browning and Sheva Carr, HeartMath Master Trainers and Co-Founders of Heart Ambassadors, will guide us to achieve heart coherence.
  • Apela Colorado, PhDindigenous scientist and elder of the Oneida-Gaul ancestry, founder of the World Indigenous Science Network will invoke our days and guide the exploration of our dreams.
  • Ruth Cunningham, classically trained musician, sound healer and founding member of the Anonymous 4 will guide us in singing, and create soundscapes during our sessions.
  • Jim Garrison, PhD, Founder and President of Ubiquity University, lifelong scholar of history, philosophy and religion, will offer daily “nuggets” and moderate the virtual sessions of Grammatica.
  • Andrew Harvey, PhD (Hons), scholar, mystic and author of more than 30 books will share his understanding of the Black Madonna.
  • Calen Rayne, DMin, Director of Energetics, will offer a contemplation of the labyrinth. 
  • Caroline Myss, PhD, best-selling author and teacher will speak about the power of prayer.
  • Banafsheh Sayyad, MFA, MA, sacred dancer, choreographer, teacher, founder of Dance of Oneness®, and Creative Director at Ubiquity University, will guide us to embody the wisdom teachings we explore during our week via embodiment practices.

Special Bonus

This video package features Jim Garrison in dialogue with two experts in the field of trauma and transformation:

  • Thomas Hubl, mystical teacher and author, on transgenerational trauma and how we can heal ourselves and our communities from the accumulated trauma of our individual and collective past.
  • Gabor Mate, MD and author, on how our emotional dysfunctions cause disease and how you can heal by understanding the relationship between childhood traumas and emotions and your present state of consciousness.

Requirements for enrolled degree students to earn 4 Credits:

Required Reading:

  • Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, Joe Dispenza
  • When the Body Says No, Gabor Mate
  • The Golden Age of Chartres, Rene Queridos

End of course essay regarding the learnings in this course using APA style.

  • For BA students – 6-9 pages in length
  • For MA students – 10-15 pages in length
  • For PhD students – 20-25 pages in length

Course Syllabus:

Day 1

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • Presentation on Chartres/Liberal Arts/Grammatica by Jim Garrison
  • The Power of the Word with Peggy Rubin
  • Faculty Introduction
  • Chartres: A Mosaic of Images and Sound
  • Opening Ceremony

Day 2

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • Opening Reflections with Jim Garrison
  • Heart Resonance, Lecture and Discussion with Sheva Carr and Robert Browning
  • Heart Coherence Meditation with Sheva Carr and Robert Browning
  • Entering the Crypt Video
  • Contemplation on the Crypt and the Black Madonna by Andrew Harvey
  • Ritual Close

Day 3

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • Gabor Mate in dialogue with Jim Garrison on Trauma and Healing
  • Dream Circle convened by Apela Colorado
  • Ritual Close

Day 4

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • Thomas Hubl in dialogue with Jim Garrison on Transgenerational Traum
  • Embodiment Practice and Heart Coherence Meditation with Banafsheh Sayyad
  • The Labyrinth, lecture and slide presentation by Calen Rayne
  • Labyrinth Meditation
  • Ritual Close

Day 5

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • Cosmic Geometry with Marshall Lefferts
  • The Cathedral, Womb of Healing and Transformation – Words and Images
  • Ritual Close

Day 6

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • The Power of Prayer to Transform with Caroline Myss
  • Video of Chartres Academy Celebrations over the years
  • Ritual Close

Day 7

  • Invocation by Apela Colorado
  • Summary of the Week with Jim Garrison
  • Reflections from participants
  • Ritual Close

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Our Lineage

Ubiquity Chartres Academy builds upon and reinterprets the original Chartres Academy founded by Fulbert in 1006 when he became bishop of Chartres. Fulbert called his school the Academy to indicate that he was in the lineage of Plato’s Academy founded in 387 BC in Athens. We at Ubiquity University are privileged to be in this lineage and to count Fulbert and Plato among the giants upon whose shoulders we sit.

Our Chartres Academy is intended as a gathering point for a contemporary wisdom community to come together through the very same learning system that Fulbert and Plato used — the seven Liberal Arts. The Liberal Arts were initially refined by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who organized the first four, called the Quadrivium, comprised of music, mathematics, geometry and astronomy. Plato learned the Quadrivium from Pythagoras and with Aristotle developed the Trivium of grammar, rhetoric and logic. Together, they form the seven Liberal Arts.

The Liberal Arts were designed by these great thinkers as initiatory rites into the deepest truths about the universe, with each Liberal Art describing a certain essential element of the larger whole and designed to prepare the students for both professional skills and spiritual awareness. The goal for both students and teachers was to participate in an alchemical process of transformation leading to a deeper understanding of the universe and how to live an active compassionate life in the community.

Building on this foundation, the Seven Liberal Arts were brought to their highest expression by the Chartres Academy during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The seven arts also shaped the education refined during the Renaissance and gave rise to our modern “liberal arts” education, although education today has long lost the deep spiritual aspects of the original liberal arts. This is what the academies of Plato, then Fulbert, sought to instill, and that now our Chartres Academy seeks to recover and utilize as a transformational tool for what Plato called “the enlargement of the soul.”

What makes the Chartres Academy such a powerful experience is that it convenes in one of the most sacred sites in the world — the place which the ancient Druids, coming to the region over 3,500 years ago, considered the most sacred site in all of Europe, full of feminine energy. Each year, the entire Celtic tribe would convene in Chartres, called their vatican, meaning “the seat.”

This is the site where the cathedral now stands. Chartres has been a focal point for the veneration of the Divine Feminine and a center for the mysteries of healing and birth for thousands of years, and has been considered sacred from the earliest of times. This veneration was memorialized in stone and glass in the sweeping Gothic architecture of the cathedral, which the builders viewed as a form of sacred writing. Over 400 images of the feminine grace its walls and stained glass windows. The great mythologist Joseph Campbell called Chartres the ”womb of the world.“ It is also known as “queen of cathedrals,” such is the beauty and perfection of its form. It rivals the Taj Mahal as an architectural masterpiece designed and built in the spirit of love.

Fulbert and the Chartrian Masters who succeeded him, following Pythagoras and Plato, guided by the sacred feminine, understood that proportion and rhythm underlies the order of the cosmos. Their genius is that they were able to represent this perfection in the cathedral they built as a tribute to this truth. 

Our Future in Chartres

2019 marked the end of two cycles of the seven liberal arts convened in Chartres by the Wisdom School of Ubiquity University. 

2020 marks the beginning of our third cycle. We are starting with Grammatica, the foundational liberal art, first developed by Plato 2500 years ago in a grove of trees outside Athens where he held his Academy. For Plato, the foundation of learning was language. Through language, we understand and name the world. Through the Word, through Sound, the ancients thought creation came to be. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God,” says the Gospel of John.

Testimonials from Virtual Grammatica in the Summer of 2020

The virtual journey into the heart of Chartres Cathedral, the heart of Ubiquity University, filled me with deep wisdom from the magnificent past of the Cathedral and hope for the future…I discovered new ways to strengthen my heart-mind coherence, my life-force, and new ways to transform the global trauma we are profoundly experiencing today.

– Janice Sealey

Virtual Grammatica was an inspiring program, delivered with care and consideration to the precious Chartrean community – I loved the skilful way in which the faculty sought to apply this first Liberal Art to the current world crisis. It was a week of sharing, insight, community, wisdom and love.

– Clair Hiles

The virtual offering of Grammatica far exceeded expectations and invited a transpersonal engagement of the heart which has inspired and informed personal, professional and academic commitments.

– Linda White

This was an answer to a prayer that someday you would bring this work to us virtually.

– Barbara Joyce-Lambert

The Chartres Wisdom School provides a true education for the soul, as well as the mind and body. It is precisely that: A WISDOM School of the highest order.

– Ann Debaldo


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