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The Astrology of 2024 with Caroline Casey

Date: Sunday, Feb 4 2024 at 10:00 AM Pacific via Zoom for 2 hours.

Majnoun! (“crazy for the divine”)

Liberating Trickster’s Guide to navigating 2024


Our word “dis-aster” means “against the stars,”
“Consider” means – “with the stars”
So let’s gather to consider how to avert greater disaster.

February 4th is exact Mid-Winter, called one of the 4 gates of Power (Mid-Season,= rounded off =Halloween, Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas) – when the Intelligence of Community is especially enthused to be invited into play.
So let’s do that. Humbled by the horror of the world and the ill-manners of our rogue species, we gather to call in what’s needed, as we take an astro-mytho tour of the world year. Not what’s going to happen but what’s available with which to cooperate. Magic is simply a willingness to cooperate with everything, to spiral out of polarity (which feeds tyranny), cultivating metaphoric agility (change the metaphor – change the story). The more words, metaphors, myths, the more avenues of participation are available to us.

We shall honor, animate, quicken within us all….
Pluto into Aquarius Jan 2oth
Uranus direct Jan 27th.
April 8th eclipse – (across America)
April 21st Jupiter-Uranus conjunction….description and guiding….
Willing to be a necessary miracle- a Renaissance of Reverent Ingenuity

This requires dedicated planning, which we shall begin…

The Winter Solstice 2023 Kogi prophecy guides us to Summer Solstice 2024
(the time to have made our vows)
to Winter Solstice 2025 which unfurls according to what we do now.

So let’s explore the profound astro guiding of those dates…

Caroline W. Casey 


Caroline W. Casey is an astrologer and the host-creator, weaver of context for “The Visionary Activist Show” on Pacifica Radio Network Pacifica station KPFA (94.1) in Northern California , replayed on L.A.s KPFK (and can be heard live on the web: www.KPFA.org at 2pm PT on Thursdays, and by pod-cast subscription.)

The first show aired out of DC on September 5, 1996, when she hosted the late ally James Hillman, conversing on their shared dedication of restoring mythological literacy to culture.

The Show is dedicated to anything we need to know to have a democracy; critique and solution; and the acknowledgement that we humans cannot solve the innumerable rude crises we’ve imposed on our planetary kin – by ourselves. It’s “by ourselves” that got us into this pickle. Let a willingness to cooperate with everything emerge from the smoldering ruins of dominance. Hence Democratic Animism. Her guests are leading contributors to a culture of reverent ingenuity, all teased into pertinence., and has been called “one of the best radio shows in America.”


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Caroline gave us a preview of her understanding of 2024 in the last Chartres Call!

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