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Psychological and Cultural Implications of UFO/UAP Disclosure

Format: 4 Live Zoom Live Webinars
Dates: 2025
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Faculty: Linda White and Roger Stack
Academic Credit Options: See Program Overview

Psychological and Cultural Implications of UFO/UAP Disclosure


This course brings psychological, cultural, and philosophical perspectives to UFO/UAP disclosure. It explores the notion of humanity’s galactic roots and considers the moral injury of a seventy-five-year truth embargo that buried the phenomena in taboo, ridicule and conspiracy. What are the paths to recovery from harm caused by denial or challenges to one’s worldview? Could UFO/UAP be an evolutionary intervention, a cosmic initiation, or a collective awakening? This course is participatory and is designed to engage the intuitive mind and shift perceptions. Personal narratives of experience and inquiry are welcomed, within a safe facilitated environment, as a contribution to the unfolding new story of what it means to be human during these times of radically changing worldviews.

Format: Integrating knowledge and lived experience – the course is experiential in nature and is designed to engage both objective and subjective realities.


Linda White has specialized for forty years in recovery from trauma, grief/loss, addictive tendencies, and stress-related illnesses. Her approach integrates integral, Jungian, and transpersonal psychology, 12 step recovery and evolutionary spirituality. Her doctoral research examines the impact of generational and collective trauma on societal wellbeing. Of particular interest is the influence of war trauma on collective wellbeing; the societal implications of UAP disclosure and recovery and the integration needs of experiencers. As a founding member of Cosmic Connectors, she brings awareness and healing to what has been denied within culture.

Roger Stack is an educator focusing on ET contact, communication, and emerging narratives of galactic intelligences. He studies, and offers courses on, ‘exo-topics’ and anomalous phenomena that sit outside traditional worldviews. He’s a founding member of Cosmic Connectors with others who have deep interest and experience in anomalous phenomena. The group’s vision statement is: “Inspiring open Planetary Dialogue, we evoke a New Story of Universal Wholeness rooted in Conscious Awareness of our Multidimensional Nature.“




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