010 – MA in Tolerance Studies and Global Peace

Master of Arts in Tolerance Studies and Global Peace

Ubiquity is proud to be partnering with the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace to offer this MA degree to learners who wish to develop specific competencies related to international peacekeeping efforts.

Higher education, one of the main pillars of Tolerance and Peace, should continuously be transformed through the development of quality programs, especially at the postgraduate levels. These programs can meet society’s needs from economic, cultural, and community engagement perspectives.

Learning and research about Tolerance, as a new discipline in higher education, has become vital to nurturing and equipping graduates with innovative knowledge and skills, and to meeting the community’s needs for living together in harmony and stability. Without tolerance, peace of societies cannot be maintained, acceptance of and solidarity with each other cannot be cultivated.

Higher education has a key role to play in preparing changemakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, critical thinkers, and decision-makers, ready to respond to the many challenges confronting today’s multi-cultural societies, including distrust, violence, terrorism, aggressive nationalism, racism, exclusion, marginalization and discrimination.

Welcome Letter

GCTP Intro Letter

Target Students

The program is directed at professionals in the areas of Human and Social Sciences, Education, Economics, Administration, Communication, and other related fields, who are interested in deepening their understanding of the main themes of the program, willing to explore both theoretical and practical approaches across the disciplines.

Knowledge Areas

  • Communication
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Dialogue
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Influencing and Affecting Change Empowerment
  • Community Engagement

Development Team and Faculty

  • Prof. Timothy Reagan, University of Maine- USA
  • Prof. Ferdinand Gjana, Beder University- Albania
  • Prof. Ernesto Alvarado, University of Guadalajara- Mexico
  • Prof. Claudia Vaz, University of Lisbon- Portugal
  • Prof. Scherto Gill, University of Sussex- UK
  • Prof. Orlando Kelm, University of Texas, Austin – USA
  • Prof. Ryan Lecount, Hamline University – USA
  • Prof. Basma El-Zein, University of Business and Technology – KSA

Program of Study

Prerequisites: Undergraduate Degree in any field (transcript with proof of graduation is required)

Admissions Process: Submit the Application and we will get back to you with further instructions. There is no application fee. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Ubiquity Director of Admissions, Nora Silini at n.silini@ubiquityuniversity.org.

Information about how we process refund or cancellation requests can be found here: Refund and Cancellation Policy


The program is composed of 42 inter- and transdisciplinary credits:

  • Required core courses (21 Credits)
  • Elective courses (12 Credits)
  • Masters thesis – (empirical research project) (9 Credits)

Required Core Courses (21 credits): 

  • Introduction to Tolerance and Peace Studies (3 credits- online)
  • Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue: Theories and Practices (3 credits- online)
  • Anthropology and Diversity (3 credits- online)
  • Conflict Transformation and Peace building (3 credits- online)
  • Public International Law, Human Rights and International Organizations (3 credits- online)
  • Ethics and Global Governance (3 credits- online)
  • Research Methods in Social Sciences (3 credits- online)

Elective Courses (12 credits):

There are three tracks you may take with your electives:

  • General – you may choose any 4 electives
  • Specialization 1 – Technology, Innovation and Leadership in Tolerance and Peace
    • Incubator for Tolerance, Creativity and Innovation (3 credits- online)
    • Leadership Soft Skills for Tolerance and Peace (3 credits- online)
    • Networking and Sustainability (3 credits- online)
    • Special Topics in Tolerance and Peace Studies (3 credits- online)
  • Specialization 2 – Human Rights, International Organization and Public Diplomacy
    • International Migration and Refugees Law (3 credits- online)
    • Contemporary Peace and Conflict Studies in Regional Perspective (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin-America, Middle East, North America, Oceania) (3 credits- online)
    • Public Diplomacy (3 credits- online)
    • Special Topics in Tolerance and Peace Studies (3 credits- online)

Dissertation: At the end of your coursework, you will engage in your dissertation which should focus on an empirical research study.

The rules guiding our assignment collection and grading process can be found here: Ubiquity University Grading Policy

Tuition and Fees: Approximately US$ 8,400

For more information, please see our GCTP Program Handbook

As a global institution, Ubiquity University is not accredited by any single state or nation. We are a member of the Global Accreditation Council which seeks to establish a new standard for universal education dedicated to regenerative ecological, social and spiritual principles.

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