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Introduction to Energetics

Microcourse Description:

This short course explains with simple language and concepts what subtle energy and information are, and how to work with them in the context of organizations and nature. The very latest scientific research and leading-edge practices point towards a realm of significant possibility. Drawing on real-life experience of applying some of these approaches, Peter Merry opens our eyes to a vast and generally untapped potential in individual and collective development.

SPECIAL NOTE: Most of these materials are derived from our macrocourse, “Transformational Leadership, Strategy and Governance.” If you want the full experience, you will want to register for that course instead.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the microcourse, you should be able to:

  • summarize developments on the leading edge of large-scale energy work
  • explain what is meant by the energetic architecture of organizations
  • explain what you can measure to assess the energetic architecture
  • illustrate how you can impact the energetic architecture of organizations as an external practitioner and as an internal leader
  • explain the core principles and practices of co-creative science
  • make an informed decision about what energetic practices you want to develop


Peter Merry, PhD is the Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University, Founder of Wyrd Experience and initiator of the annual Science and Consciousness event. His experience includes facilitating integral change processes in multinational organizations, in government ministries and in mutli-stakeholder initiatives with global stakeholders. He has also spent many years in the not-for-profit sector. He is a recognized expert in the field of energetics and evolutionary systems dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Integral in particular. His books include Evolutionary Leadership”, Why Work? and Leading from the Field. He has a PhD with Ubiquity’s Wisdom School in Volution Theory.


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Student Testimonials

I can’t recommend this course enough for those who want to access a larger field of intelligence and gain specific steps to use that data as a means to align a concept with the necessary mechanisms to increase the probability of its manifestation. (Course Participant – Tony)
As someone looking to broaden my energy psychology practice from helping individuals to helping the energy dynamics of groups, this introductory course to energetics offers new, much appreciated, insights. The development of the practices mentioned in this course is something to keep an eye on. Thoroughly enjoyable! (Course Participant – Chris)
As someone totally new to the topic of energetics I started the course with some trepidation. However, I was hooked from the start as I began to lap up the course material. The course format means you can read ahead in as much depth as you want to before the interactive classes and as with other courses led by Peter I really enjoyed the group interaction with people participating from all over the world. (Course Participant – Andy)

Course Content

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