IE – Operations – Lesson 5 – Execute – Video and Reflection Task


Reflection Task:

Please conduct the following exercise: Develop and describe a short-term plan. Define your key milestone. Include in your plan a description of:

  • The reason for your milestone. How you will measure the accomplishment of your milestone.
  • Your periodic goals.
  • Your first daily goal.
  • How you can create some external accountability.
  • How you will get external feedback.
  • How you might use external feedback to build relationships with external stakeholders.

Single nanocourses do not qualify for academic credit. However, enrolled students can add twelve nanocourses together, and purchase a Nanocourse Credit Conversion option. If you are going to do that, please gather all reflection questions and your answers in a single document throughout the course. You will upload them all for grading once you purchase the Nanocourse Credit Conversion Option.

Summary- IE – Operations – Lesson 5 – Execute – Video