IE – Integral Leadership Development – Lesson 4 – Reflection Task

Reflection Task:

550 to 600 Words

Please answer the following question(s):

  • One of the core ideas behind Integral Entrepreneurship is the idea that we human beings can grow not only our business skills but also our awareness of our spiritual connection and our moral perception. What does the idea of “moral” mean to you? Is this understanding of “moral” the same as you think about your personal life versus your business life, or are they different? Why or why not? What do you think about this? Is it important to you, possible for you, worth doing? Why do you think this way?
  • One of the other core ideas of Integral Entrepreneurship is that everyone sees things through his or her level of growth and that, as we grow, we get closer to seeing complex things as they actually are. What are areas of your own perspective that you suspect can and should continue to mature? If this happens, what do you believe/hope the benefit will be? 

Single nanocourses do not qualify for academic credit. However, enrolled students can add twelve nanocourses together, and purchase a Nanocourse Credit Conversion option. If you are going to do that, please gather all reflection questions and your answers in a single document throughout the course. You will upload them all for grading once you purchase the Nanocourse Credit Conversion Option.