IE – Integral Leadership Development – Lesson 1 – Optimal Performance – Video and Reflection Task


Reflection Task:

Please conduct the following exercise:

Leadership Attribute 1: Flow described as – 

  • Result of focus on something that truly matters to you, when the difficulty presents the right amount of challenge to your skills and competencies, so that you can perform if you fully engage your full resources.
  • Builds self-respect, optimism, sense of purpose over time.
  • Process of building flow leads to greater likelihood of peak experiences.

Thought Exercise 1:

  • Think about times of state of flow – identify a time of you experienced flow. When was that? What happened that catalyzed it?

Leadership Attribute 2: Judgment and reason in an environment of complexity and ambiguity which includes –

  • The amount of information, its complexity and ambiguity, which requires skillful ability to focus on most useful input.
  • The more we can discover our invisible (to us) biases and assumptions and see them as data instead of the absolute truth, the better we can assess information.

Thought Exercise 2:

  • What about this idea is useful to you, and what is not useful? Why?

Single nanocourses do not qualify for academic credit. However, enrolled students can add twelve nanocourses together, and purchase a Nanocourse Credit Conversion option. If you are going to do that, please gather all reflection questions and your answers in a single document throughout the course. You will upload them all for grading once you purchase the Nanocourse Credit Conversion Option.

IE – Integral Leadership Development – Lesson 1 – Optimal Performance – Video