IE – Business Economics Fundamentals – Lesson 8 – Reflection Task

Reflection Task:

450 to 500 Words

Please answer the following question(s):

  • How big a business do you hope to create? Is it meant to be a business that you sell for a big profit, or take public, or is it a business you believe should remain smaller or within your personal control? Why?
  • Developing financial projections is a mix of guessing, doing homework and finding comparable scenarios, and thinking through many variables. It often creates pressure to generate a positive picture by changing assumptions. Answer these questions without taking into account the challenges of raising money: How much money do you guess you need initially? What will you accomplish with it? Will you need more capital after you reach this goal?

Single nanocourses do not qualify for academic credit. However, enrolled students can add twelve nanocourses together, and purchase a Nanocourse Credit Conversion option. If you are going to do that, please gather all reflection questions and your answers in a single document throughout the course. You will upload them all for grading once you purchase the Nanocourse Credit Conversion Option.