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Ubiquity University Degrees

Design a learning pathway that suits you best!

PhD in Wisdom Studies

Our doctoral program is dedicated to helping you co-create a new global civilization so the human species can act as responsible and respectful stewards of our larger planetary ecosystem.

DMin in Engaged Wisdom

A doctoral degree with a focus on the applied research in areas of healing, therapy, spiritual growth, counseling etc.

MA in Wisdom Studies

It aims to address a range of problems in almost every area of human and ecological concern.

At Ubiquity each student is free to design their own learning pathway and degree program. Think of what you want to learn and we will help you design a learning pathway that suits you best.

In an increasingly hypercomplex world, traditional educational paths seem out of date. Our liberal arts approach is designed to be about who you are in the world, and preparing you to deal with an increasingly uncertain future. We aren’t about telling you what you should learn, we want you to find what gives you joy and go deeper into those topics. We challenge you to love yourself, speak yourself, and face the future with confidence.

Our courses are an inspired invitation to solve global challenges, develop your leadership and soft skills, and to go deeper into the world’s wisdom traditions. Our commitment to sustainability means we do not have a physical campus. Our programs are online, and we hold in-person intensives at different locations around the world.

We offer online undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, live webinars, independent study courses (single courses you can take without enrolling in a degree), certificates, and In-Person Learning Journeys. All of our courses can be taken for academic credit or audited for no academic credit.

We hope you’ll explore the many learning opportunities we have created and continue to create. Feel free to review our certificates and degrees below, or review our Ubiquity University Student Handbook and Student Resources & F.A.Q. for more in-depth details.

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