Peter Merry, Chief of Innovation at Extinction Rebellion event

Ubiquity University stands with Extinction Rebellion

Ubiquity University announced that it is taking a stand with Extinction Rebellion in the launch of its “International Rebellion” on Monday, April 15.

Dr. Peter Merry, Ubiquity’s Chief Innovation Officer, made the announcement at a speech in The Hague at an event organized by the Dutch chapter of Extinction Rebellion.

Dr. Merry says: “We need to look extinction in the eye, acknowledge our role in it and focus on whether each of us is doing what we can do to help life on Earth survive and thrive, now.”

Ubiquity University has been established to provide young people with the mindsets, skill sets and tool sets they need to come together to solve critical global challenges, at the center of which is runaway climate change. Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimize the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse. One of its core values is “Reflection and Learning.” This is the mission of Ubiquity, to provide courses in the critical skills necessary for learners of all ages to navigate an increasingly hyper-complex world and thrive.

Ubiquity collaborates with people and organizations worldwide similarly aligned with the urgent imperative to speak out, take action and actively collaborate around the critical threat posed by climate change to human civilization.

Dr. Jim Garrison, President, and CEO of Ubiquity says: “It is an honor to stand with Extinction Rebellion. It is why Ubiquity University has been established, to work with groups and people worldwide who understand that climate change is spinning out of control, human civilization as we know it is facing extinction, and that we have to come together to birth a new civilization completely aligned with planetary systems.”

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