Ubiquity in Action


As a budding entrepreneur, I was very excited to learn about Ubiquity’s Global Creativity Award, for many reasons.

The idea that a University would encourage and empower students to begin their entrepreneurial life even as they are still completing their studies is a refreshing thought. I know from experience that the hardest thing about starting your own business is a fear of the unknown and the mistakes that inevitable arise from traveling uncharted waters. Even if you do take the plunge, I can tell you from experience that the process of starting your own business – from ideation to funding raising, to networking and execution – is not something that you will get right the first time. You need guidance. You need to work at it and learn from your mistakes. You need the security that failure doesn’t mean the end of the road.

What better time to get started than college? This is a time when you are surrounded by mentors and experts. It is a time when you have access to peers from around the world who have the same intentions, the same energies and a variety of different talents. In hindsight, it would have been extremely empowering for me if my college had actively supported this process through coursework, mentorship and practical action. This is exactly what Ubiquity is doing with its Impact Projects and its Global Creativity Prize.  

Ubiquity’s Global Creativity Award, which is being launched later this year to support student involvement in solving global challenges, specifically around the UN Sustainable Development Goals will offer up to $25,000 to the best projects that promise to affect positive change. Winners will even be featured during the UN General Assembly in September 2019 and will get to meet and network with participating UN agencies and co-sponsoring partners from the NGO, corporate, and multilateral institution communities. It is mind boggling to think of the opportunities that this sort of funding and forum can bring to a fledgling business.

My college days are done but I really wish I had a chance to participate in a program like in my glory days. It would have encouraged me to take a risk, pursue my dreams and do so with all the ammunition I needed to give myself the best possible chance at success.

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