The Time has Come

Take a look at this from Stephen Colbert today:


He pierces to the heart of our situation. This is all hands on deck now. Putin and Trump have formed an alliance to destroy the world system as we know it and rebuild it in their image as mafiosi thugs, which will start by destroying the Arctic to create the biggest business deal in history, taking climate change completely beyond remedy while eliminating as much of the global climate system as they can. They are wrecking the US/EU/NATO system and sabotaging the US electoral system. Putin has been invited to the White House in October just before the November elections he and Trump are hijacking with the same abandon as they hacked 2016. It might be the most astonishing heist and heinous crime in history. It is a crime against democracy. It is a crime against the global order. It is a crime against Humanity. It is a crime against the Future. It is a crime against the Earth.

The only way short of stronger measures is impeachment. It is time to mobilize for Trump’s impeachment in every way we can. It is time for our Constitution to save us. It is time for us to save our Constitution. It is time for the world to stand up. It is time for Americans to join the world. We, the people, must actively unite and take our stand. In America and globally. Together.

Ubiquity will be fully immersed in the movement to impeach Donald Trump.

We are on the barricades now, my friends. We have a global crisis on our hands.

Putin/Trump must be stopped. Democracy and the global order must be saved.


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