Dissertation Writing and Research Methods


Course Level Credits 1 course only If half of combo *
MA Level 4 $1600 $1350
Doctoral Level 4 $2000 $1750
Student Repeaters 0 $300 $300
* The “Combo” discount is available to students who enroll in two July-Aug 2019 Learning Journeys. Please Note that the “Combo” discount will be applied in the cart prior to payment, if the two courses are selected in the same cart transaction. The final payment amount will then include the “Combo” discount.
Note: Neither LITE audit nor Immersive audit are offered for this unique class – only credit-earning MA and Doctoral students and non-credit Student Repeaters.

Note: If you are under age 30 and interested in a partial work-scholarship, please contact Registrar Stacy Newmam on registrar@ubiquityuniversity.org 

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