Faculty Spotlight: Lowell Aplebaum, MA, CAE – Leading in Disrupted Times

What is your passion in life and what drives you?

Simply put, doing what is within my ability to make the world a better place. I think we all have a responsibility to ourselves, to each other, to our communities, to society, and to the Earth to do what we can to make this world a better place than we found itfinding where we have passion and talent, and then learning and forming experiencethese are the places where we can become masterful in the impact we make. I am a servant leader by nature, ever-seeking how I can help others become self-grown masters for good.

Why did you choose to design your micro-course?

Leadership is a responsibility, it is an onus, it is powerfuland it is a choice. As our world is ever disrupted and changing, we are in more need than ever for leaders who are choosing— choosing to do good, choosing to help others do better, choosing to solve the problems they see, and making a difference. I chose to design this micro-course to aid those who want to lead with their own choices.

What can students gain from this course

For those who take the Leadership micro-course, I expect them to have a better self-awareness of where they shine and succeed, how they can help others discover their own talents, and how these combined efforts and intentions can build teams that create lasting positive change.

Those who take the course will be able to listen to others better, speak the truth fearlessly yet kindly, and rally around themselves those who want to solve instead of muddle.

People who take this course will be better suited to create the future we need. 


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