Link your passion to a global challenge

Today, a college degree does not guarantee you a job. You need to learn to create the job that fulfills your sense of purpose. If you can do that, everything is possible.

At Ubiquity, we are interested to find out what you are passionate about so we can help you link your passion to a field of study that can fulfill your purpose. As the poet Rumi said, life finds its fullest meaning, “when we let what we love be what we do.”

At Ubiquity, we believe in taking stands. We take a stand on climate change. We take a stand against gun violence. We take a stand that our students need to be aware of and engaged with global challenges. We take a stand that activating your deepest passion and linking it with a global challenge is the key to your happiness and the key to making the world a better place.


Design your career with competency-based learning

Demonstrating competence in a certain skill or area is fast gaining traction among leading CEOs as the best indicator for success in the workplace. That is why Ubiquity’s competency-based education is ideally suited for today’s global market.

Ubiquity helps you build your portfolio of competencies in two ways:

1. Develop Changemaker Competencies

Changemaker competencies are the kinds of qualities and skills needed to assist society at this time in its transition from an unsustainable trajectory to a pathway that is deeply connected to life and brings out the best of human potential. At Ubiquity we have identified six high-level changemaker competences that we believe are critical and that all Ubiquity programs and offerings serve to develop:

Critical and Integral Thinking The ability to critically assess and value something in its own right and identify its place in relation to everything else in such a way that everything is able to be transcended yet included in a full embrace of life.
Scientific Discipline The ability to systematically study the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment in such a way that as much of our relevant reality as possible is taken into account.
Personal Leadership The ability to steward yourself into meaningful action in the world, in such a way that you bring your highest potential to each moment
Collaborative Creativity The ability to be in the moment and access an impulse to act with others in such a way that each person’s passion and ability is maximised for the good of the whole
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship The ability to identify, conceptualise and implement a radical innovation in society, in such a way that all stakeholders are uplifted
Whole System Design The ability to design projects in such a way that all relevant parts and dynamics of the system internally and externally are taken into account

2. Develop the competencies you need – anytime, anyplace, anyhow

Life presents learning opportunities in many different forms. At Ubiquity we recognize that, and enable you to combine learning from many different sources towards the credential of your choice. We want you to to be recognized for all the competencies you have developed throughout your life, not just those you have gained at Ubiquity.

Ubiquity’s Global Standard Credentials® (UbiCerts®) does just this. It allows you to be globally recognized for all the skills and competencies you have acquired through all the activities in your life. This means you can combine online courses from Ubiquity and other providers with your own learning experiences, as long as you can provide evidence of the competencies that you have developed.

In this way, you can customize your own learning journey, picking the courses and competencies that suit your unique requirements and ambitions.

Here are some of the other advantages of following a competency-based framework:

  1. Flexibility: Learn exactly what you need to learn and get credit for it. This curated learning experience is also highly affordable since you will only study what is relevant to you.
  2. Relevance to Job Market: Map your needs and ambitions to specific competencies. Develop the exact skills you need to nab your dream job or succeed on your own.
  3. Reduced time to degree: Mastery matters. And so does your time. If you can demonstrate a mastery of knowledge or skills, you will be granted credit for your efforts, regardless of time, place or pace of learning.


Develop your inner person and cultivate your soft skills

Success in today’s rapidly changing world is about more than just what you know. After all, your abilities should not be judged only by how well you memorize information for tests. True learning should also develop your inner person and your practical skills.

Studies show that to achieve success in today’s business and work environment, you need to focus on competencies that are organized around who you are much more than what you know.

  • Are you collaborative, creative, and resilient?
  • How is your emotional intelligence, your social awareness, and your sense of self esteem?
  • How well do you play with others and how easily do you function in cross border teams?

This is what global companies and communities are looking for. This is what you need to succeed. This is what Ubiquity is designed to foster in you.

Ubiquity’s Integral Learning System empowers you to be all you can be. It represents a holistic approach that develops and activates your inner potential while constantly driving you to apply yourself through practical action in the real world. In other words, Ubiquity’s entire approach is built to get your head, your heart and your hands working together.

Our curriculum is built around three pillars, each of which carry equal weight in terms of credit toward a credential or a degree.

Knowledge – Knowledge is power. Learn about the state of the world, the issues we face, and how we might solve them.

Self Mastery – The quality and level of our impact in the real world is determined by how we show up as people. Understand your strengths and weaknesses to unlock peak performance.

Impact Projects – The best way to learn is to get out there and get it done. Ubiquity’s impact projects empower you to bring your passion into the world through practical action. Collaborate with peers and apply what you have learnt by executing impact projects in your own communities.

During your study at Ubiquity, you will have at least three mentors:

  1. A mentor to help you in your acquisition of Knowledge
  2. A mentor to guide you in your development of Self Mastery
  3. A mentor to counsel you on your Impact Project

These mentors are there for only one purpose:

To support you as a student to get the most out of every course, and to consult with you to make sure the courses you take are exactly what you need.

This expert guidance will enable you to crystalize your passion, unleash your potential, and focus your talents in becoming a changemaker in your community.

By activating your whole person, you will be able to walk your talk. You will unlock your potential and embody the positive change you want to see.


Join a global community of changemakers

Even though the majority of our offerings can be found online, we still want you to engage with the world around you and collaborate creatively with your peers.

Engage with the world around you

Online learning can be a lonely experience. But not at Ubiquity.

At Ubiquity, we believe the whole world is your classroom. We understand that knowledge is expanding and accelerating so fast that no university can contain it all. We believe that education should be as much about what you learn outside the classroom as inside the classroom. Ubiquity is designed for both.

Ubiquity also values direct life experience as an essential part of your education. This is why we have partnered with the Global Ecovillage Network and other organizations to provide internships on the land at organic farms, intentional communities, and eco-villages. Our partnership with AIESEC, the preeminent student organization in the world, will be featuring AIESEC internships for all Ubiquity students.

Ubiquity is COLLABORATIVE rather than competitive

At Ubiquity, you will study in pods of 8–10 students from around the world. We encourage you to collaborate with your peers on every aspect of your studies, from watching content videos, to taking quizzes, participating in Self Mastery exercises, and engaging in Impact Projects.

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