​​Waves of Love: The Healing Music of the Spheres – Chartres Academy, France July 2-8, 2023

 Waves of Love: The Healing Music of the Spheres

– Chartres, France July 2-8, 2023


This pilgrimage will invite us to contemplate the cosmos as a divine work of beauty, and how the sounds of the cosmos can heal, inspire and transform us. Join us in Chartres to explore the healing power of what the philosopher Pythagoras called the “music of the spheres” on our psyches and destinies as we collectively heal through music and sound therapies, reflective time in the cathedral, shared dreams, walking the labyrinth, and dancing the patterns & rhythms of our cosmos.

Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. All existence is vibratory in nature. When you are aware of your own inner vibrations, able to witness life around you as a concert of sound, to discover that you are in fact sound, then the division between our internal and external perceptions of reality blend into harmony. Sound is the perfect tool for healing practices, as well as personal development, because it resonates with the nature of existence and affects individuals on all levels. Your “Ultrasonic Core” has the potential to transform the act of listening into a harmonious experience with profound biological and psychological benefits.


Dates: July 2 – 8, 2023

Location:  Chartres, France

Faculty: Chloe Goodchild, HeatherAsh Amara, Lynn Bell, Apela Colorado, Ruth Cunningham, Jim Garrison, Calen Rayne, Banafsheh Sayyad

Academic Credit:  Ubiquity University BA & Masters – 4 credits; The Wisdom School (WS) Doctoral – 4 credits

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Waves of Love:

This pilgrimage corresponds with Musica, the fourth of the liberal arts. Musica is held under the aegis of the Sun and the philosopher Pythagoras. You will be invited to contemplate the entire cosmos as a divine work, designed to express beauty, and through its sound, to heal and transform. This is why Pythagoras called the universe cosmos, which means ornament. He intuited that the universe is in continuous song, and that sound, numbers and geometric forms constitute its basic building blocks as it continues to unfold in pure beauty. He could sit so still that he could hear the vibrations of the planets and the Sun. It was from the Sun, said Pythagoras, that one could sense the “music of the spheres.” Through music, we ascertain the laws which govern the heavenly bodies, and by which their motions are directed. Through music, we resonate with all being, and depending on the frequencies and tones, we can heal and we can transform.

Featured Faculty

Chloe Goodchild is an international renowned signer, teacher, song writer and founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training programme, providing a sound awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, Deafness in childhood catalysed Chloë’s discovery of inner sound, and silence and has led her to a lifetime’s research of the human voice as one of humanity’s most untapped resources for personal and global transformation.

Chloë studied with indigenous wisdom teachers, Classical Indian musicians, and masters of non-duality. This led to a transformative ‘no-mind’ experience in Northern India, inspired by one of 20th century India’s greatest woman saints, Anandamayi Ma. Chloë’s experienced her own ‘naked’ voice as her own true Self, “an unchanging primordial wisdom, older and deeper than the polarity of all conflict”.

Chloë founded The Naked Voice in 1990 to share and teach voice as a spiritual practice, as unique as your fingerprint or DNA. She created experiential trainings in ‘sound awareness’ exploring the voice – silent, spoken and sung – as a transformative practice, sourced from a direct connection with fundamental consciousness, the ‘unchanging note.’ At the heart of the Naked Voice is an in-depth process of self-inquiry, the capacity to ‘witness’ yourself or another through non-judgmental listening. Silence is discovered here as a dynamic ‘inner music’ with the capacity to inspire, inform and transform reactive or negative emotion into deeper positive feeling. Practitioners discover how to access and express their truth as unconditional presence. Solo and small group work catalyze a shared experience of harmonic resonance within the whole group, generating an interconnected ‘field’ of sound, or ‘singing field.’ This singing field inspires an all-inclusive listening that dissolves separateness and fear and awakens the unconventional presence of Love.

Core Faculty

Apela Colorado, PhD indigenous scientist of the Oneida-Gaul ancestry will lead invocations and dreamwork.

Lynn Bell, astrologer, will make daily reports on the planetary alignments and what they mean for our contemplation.

Ruth Cunningham classically trained musician, sound healer and founding member of the Anonymous 4 will create soundscapes.

Jim Garrison, PhD will moderate the proceedings and offer insights into the life and teachings of Pythagoras.

Calen Rayne, DMin, Director of Energetics, will assist with the rituals in the cathedral.

Banafsheh Sayyad, MFA, MA sacred dancer and choreographer who is shaping the new expression of the Chartres Academy as Creative Director of Ubiquity University, will guide us to embody the ideas explored during the week.

HeatherAsh Amara, Director of Ritual, will help weave and co-create ceremonies and embodied healing experiences

Dancing the Planets

In Musica, we will celebrate the spiritual relationship of the human being to the Cosmos and to the Earth through dance and awaken our soul to a conscious experience of the harmony of the spheres. This is an experience through which the divine origin of the human being becomes tangible. The dances create dynamic living mandalas as a flowering of the life forces, giving human form to the harmony of the planets and stars.

For the Chartrian Masters, the liberal arts were ultimately an artistic impulse, through which the highest appreciation of the sacred is expressed. Dancing the patterns and rhythms of the cosmos opened sacred communion with the world of the stars. The labyrinth no doubt emerged out of their cosmic contemplations. Led by Banafsheh Sayyad, we will whirl like the planets and stars, echoing that which from heaven streams down to human beings and animates us to become luminous reflections of love.


A significant part of our Chartres program is dreamwork, led by Apela Colorado and her team. Over the years, students have dreamt powerful and often prescient dreams. Each year they have expressed our collective soul. The community gathers every morning to report on their dreams and discern their deeper meaning.

Daily Program

Each day will include Sacred Practice, Dreamwork, morning sessions for teaching and discussion, immersion in the Cathedral, and personal time for meditation and exploration. We will dance and sing. We will have one private evening in the cathedral devoted to walking the labyrinth and another private evening in the lower church (crypt).

Our Lineage

Ubiquity Chartres Academy builds upon and reinterprets the original Chartres Academy founded by Fulbert in 1006 when he became bishop of Chartres. Fulbert called his school the Academy to indicate that he was in the lineage of Plato’s Academy founded in 387 B.C in Athens. We at Ubiquity University are privileged to be in this lineage, and to count Fulbert and Plato among the giants upon whose shoulders we sit.

Our Chartres Academy is intended as a gathering point for a contemporary wisdom community to come together through the very same learning system that Fulbert and Plato used — the seven Liberal Arts. The Liberal Arts were initially refined by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who organized the first four, called the Quadrivium, comprised of music, mathematics, geometry and astronomy. Plato learned the Quadrivium from Pythagoras, and with Aristotle developed the Trivium of grammar, rhetoric and logic. Together they form the seven Liberal Arts.

The Liberal Arts were designed by these great thinkers as initiatory rites into the deepest truths about the universe, with each Liberal Art describing a certain essential element of the larger whole, and designed to prepare the students for both professional skills and spiritual awareness. The goal for both students and teachers was to participate in an alchemical process of transformation leading to a deeper understanding of God and the universe, manifested as an active compassionate life in the community.

Building on this foundation, the Seven Liberal Arts were brought to their highest expression by the Chartres Academy during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The seven arts also shaped the education refined during the Renaissance and gave rise to our modern “liberal arts” education, although education today has long lost the deep spiritual aspects of the original liberal arts. This is what the academies of Plato, then Fulbert, sought to instill, and that now our Chartres Academy seeks to recover and utilize as a transformational tool for what Plato called “the enlargement of the soul.”

What makes the Chartres Academy such a powerful experience is that it convenes in one of the most sacred sites in the world — the place which the ancient Druids, coming to the region over 3,500 years ago, considered the most sacred site in all of Europe, full of feminine energy. Each year, the entire Celtic tribe would convene in Chartres, called their vatican, meaning “the seat.”

This is the site where the cathedral now stands. Chartres has been a focal point for the veneration of the Divine Feminine and a center for the mysteries of healing and birth for thousands of years, and has been considered sacred from the earliest of times. This veneration was memorialized in stone and glass.


The week in Chartres fills my spirit for the whole year. The faculty is eager to share their knowledge and wisdom; they challenge the mind and help the spirit grow. Experiencing the divine at Chartres is priceless.

– Ashely Lloyd

I have just attended a marvelous week with Ubiquity University in Chartres. I feel like I have found ‘my tribe,’ a group of passionate truth seekers who are truly heart-centered. I learned so much and it will take some time to fully integrate such an amazing, powerful experience.

– Elizabeth Huxtable

The magic of this week will stay with you forever giving you hope for the future.

– Collette CorcoranLynn

Coupon Codes:
Use “EARLY22” to receive 10% off on either of our summer pilgrimages. If you’re buying both journeys, use “WISDOM23” to receive an additional 10% discount! *Ensure no additional products are in your cart or else the coupons will not apply.

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