Decoding Life: Revealing a Radical New View of Reality

  • Faculty: Jude Currivan, PhD
  • Trimester Course
  • 3 hours/week, 15 Weeks
  • Content Category: Knowledge, Self-Mastery

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Course Description:

The complexity of the challenges facing humanity today can sometimes seem overwhelming. Luckily, leading-edge science is providing us with a new way of understanding reality that could hold the keys to a sustainable and thriving future.

Research into the dynamic patterns of human activity has shown how seemingly random human events are connected by algorithms that are also found in nature. This research is giving us the codes to crack the deeper dimensions of life. The big internet companies know this very well and exploit it for their own ends – now you can learn about it too.

This course will reveal these codes of life to you, and introduce you to perspectives and practices which will forever change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. You’ll come away with a fresh understanding of how life really works and a perspective for building solutions that are truly fit for the future.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding and be able to describe, evaluate and discuss the basic tenets of the WholeWorld-View as presented during the course;
  • identify three key insights into the nature of consciousness and reality obtained as a result of the course;
  • effectively communicate verbally, and in writing, how the course may have changed and/or empowered your own sense of the unity awareness of the WholeWorld-View;
  • identify for each of the eight principles of conscious co-creativity a historic or present event or circumstance in your life where the course has offered insight as to how to behave in a more unified and beneficial way for themselves, others and Gaia; and,
  • attune to, envision and describe how your perceiving the WholeWorld-View can empower transformational change on a global collective and planetary level.


Jude Currivan, PhD is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist and author. She was previously one of the most senior businesswomen in the UK, as CFO and Executive Board Member of two major international companies. She has a Master’s degree in Physics from Oxford University specializing in quantum physics and cosmology, and a Doctorate in Archaeology from the University of Reading researching ancient cosmologies. She has journeyed to nearly 80 countries, worked with wisdom keepers from many traditions, and has been a life-long researcher into the scientific and experiential understanding of the nature of reality. The international author of 6 books, most recently the award-winning, “The Cosmic Hologram: Information at the Center of Creation,” she is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders circle (, co-founder of Whole-World View ( and lives in Wiltshire, England. Find her at

Course Contact Information:

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