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Microcourse Upload for Academic Credit

At Ubiquity, you can bundle three microcourses together and submit them for 3 academic credits.

Step One: Purchase this option. You will be charged the difference between what you paid for the microcourses ($35 per microcourse) and the degree credit you are being evaluated for.

Step Two: Complete a single Reflection Journal that includes all reflection journal questions, answers, and activities included in the microcourses that you took. Indicate which three microcourses you are including along with your name.

Step Three: Complete the following Final Creative Assignment at the degree level you are being evaluated for. Indicate which three microcourses you are including along with your name.

This Final Creative Assignment requires both an intellectual written component showing mastery of the content of the instructional material and an artistic expressive component through any media of the student’s choosing.

We use APA guidelines.

Intellectual Written Component:

  • BA Level Length:Six to Nine Pages
  • MA Level Length:Twelve to Fifteen Pages
  • PhD Level Length:Twenty to Twenty-Five Pages

Your paper should address the following three aspects of your learning experience:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge: Address at least three of the main points raised by each course from the intellectual perspective. What did you learn about the topics that were presented?
  2. Demonstrate self-mastery: Address how you personally feel about the points raised. Did you have any personal revelations? Did you learn something that changes your perspective either internally about yourself, or externally about the world?
  3. Demonstrate impact: What will you do to apply your new knowledge and perspective in your daily life? Please give examples of how it may change how you interact with your peers, workplace, or our global society at large.

Artistic Expressive Component:

Please post an image of, or a link to, your artistic project at the end of your written paper with a 250-300 word explanation as to why you did it, and what you were wishing to express with it. Your artistic expressive component may be done through any media of your choosing. This could include such items as:

  1. An audio/visual presentation (2-3 minute video)
  2. Poetry, or other forms of written or spoken word
  3. Musical composition
  4. Filmed choreography
  5. Photographic evidence of a work of art you have created
  6. Another project of your choosing

Step Four: Upload your documents using the upload interfaces below. Please convert your document to PDF if possible. It will be submitted for grading and our Registrar will follow up with you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your academic advisor or our Registrar at registrar@ubiquityuniversity.org.


  • BA Level: $195 ($300 minus $105 already paid for microcourses)
  • MA Level: $495 ($600 minus $105 already paid for microcourses)
  • PhD Level: $795 ($900 minus $105 already paid for microcourses)

Information about how we process refund or cancellation requests can be found here: Refund and Cancellation Policy.

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