011 – MA in Global Skills, Sustainability and Regeneration

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Master of Arts (MA) in Global Skills, Sustainability and Regeneration

With just the right amount of academic guidance from our faculty and advisers, Ubiquity’s MA degrees are your creation. A certain number of core courses are required to be taken within Ubiquity. For the rest, we work with you to shape your major area of concentration.

This Masters program has been created for real changemakers. Upon completion, you, the student, will be awarded the title “Master of Arts.” At this critical moment in human history, this program will push you forward into the world of impact built around the United Nations’s Sustainability Goals.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate Degree in any field (transcript with proof of graduation is required)

Admissions Process: Complete an initial interview with our Chief Innovation Officer and/or our Director of Admissions and Enrollment, then submit all materials prior to registering for courses.


This MA Degree is composed of 30 credits:

  • Core and elective courses (30 Credits)
  • Impact Project with focus on one or more UN SDGs and Targets

Required Core Courses (12 credits):

  • Transformational Leadership, Strategy and Governance with Dr. Peter Merry (3 credits online)
  • Foundation in Soft Skills and UN SDGs with Shelly Alcorn (3 credits online)
  • Leading Change with Dr. Cynthia Scott (3 credits online)
  • Sustainable Development – Measuring Progress with Azadeh Ardakani (3 credits online)

Required Self-Mastery Courses (6 credits):

Choose two of the following, plus self-mastery coaching and assignments:

  • Integral Flourishing: Part One with Lee Mason (3 credits – online)
  • Integral Flourishing: Part Two with Lee Mason (3 credits – online)
  • Integral Life Practice> with Dr. Peter Merry (3 credits – online)

Required Impact Courses (6 credits):

These courses include your Impact Project which serves as your dissertation for this MA. Impact! is required and then you can choose from either of the two additional options.

  • Impact! – the Social Entrepreneurship Pathway (3 credits – online)

Choose from one of the following:

  • High Impact Innovation Design with Julene Siddique, MA, MMus, CERT (3 credits – online)
  • Integral Entrepreneurship Nanocourse Series Parts 1 thru 9 with Dr. Chuck Schreiner (3 credits – online)*

An additional 6 credits must be earned through course work approved by our Chief Innovation Officer.

Tuition and Fees: Approximately US$ 6,000

*If you choose to take the Integral Entrepreneurship Nanocourse Series you will earn a bonus Nanocertificate in Integral Entrepreneurship at no extra charge.

For more information, see the Ubiquity University Student Handbook


Student Testimonial:

Menno Janssen, MA in Sustainable Impact

Being an MA student at Ubiquity was a unique transformational journey for me. The personal mastery aspect of the studies helped me tremendously with introspection processes and with developing skills and insight that will benefit me for the rest of my life. The different courses are intellectually challenging, creative, and have an incredible coherence and synergy. All the materials are related to the challenges of current and future generations, this makes it super exciting and relevant for people who want to make this world a better place. I feel guided and coached in a very personal way and am supported in becoming a future leader in a both authentic and value driven way. Besides all of this, I absolutely love the flexibility of being able to mostly manage my own learning schedule, and design my own speciality in my master. In Ubiquity I have finally found the type of education that I have been searching for my whole life, and I am grateful for the faculty for supporting me in my journey.