Impact! The Social Entrepreneurship Pathway

  • Faculty: SOCIONEXT
  • Trimester Course
  • 3 hours/week, 14 Weeks
  • Content Category: Impact

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Course Description:

This course is designed for people with a social vision and a strong personal drive. By learning to apply business model generation, new media marketing, network activation, presentation techniques and team management strategies, you will work in teams to design and implement your own change project or social enterprise that makes a difference in the real world. Unconventional teaching methods will bring out potentially hidden talents not normally addressed in study halls. The coursework will enhance your practical organizational skills, refine your leadership ability, broaden your horizons, teach you to be more at ease with success and failure, and expand your social and professional network.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • explain the process of developing a social innovation project;
  • develop a minimum viable product concept with a team;
  • iterate the early development of a product or service with stakeholders;
  • pitch a project to potential investors / sponsors / partners; and,
  • express the core needs of a project for finance and marketing.


SOCIONEXT offers world class hands-on training in social innovation, entrepreneurship skills development and rapid prototyping based on the Lean Start-up methodology. The program was developed over four years at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). In addition, SOCIONEXT helps participants to do project planning based on the principles of game plans and dynamic steering for team management. In their programmes, student teams create a product or a service that lies within the focus on social innovation, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship or sustainability.

Course Contact Information:

Course content is delivered by faculty. With the exception of “lite” versions, courses are led by a Course Facilitator (CF) who is available to answer questions, offer additional assistance, and assess the final creative assignments for academic credit. For questions regarding facilitation you may contact our Director of Course Facilitation at facilitator @ (Sorry! Direct email link not provided due to spam bots.)