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Humanity Rising

Course Description:

This is a special learning opportunity for all degree students at Ubiquity University, or those who wish to earn academic credit through their participation in the event.

Humanity Rising is an ongoing summit devoted to building community and solving global problems. The summit kicks off on May 22, 2020 and will continue into the forseeable future. In keeping with our tradition of allowing our students to obtain learning and enhance their effectiveness through different educational opportunities and impact projects, this is a perfect opportunity for you to obtain credit while participating in Humanity Rising.

Here is how the process will work:

  1. Sessions take place daily on zoom from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific/5:00 PM to 7:00 PM CET
  2. Sessions will be recorded so if you miss one live, you can listen to them at any time
  3. You will need to attend 20 sessions to reach 40 credit hours for a trimester course
  4. Keep a reflection journal that notates each session you attended, and write a 150 to 300 word reflection on each session
  5. Upload your reflection journal here at the end for grading.
  6. Complete a Final Creative Assignment and upload it here for grading.

That’s it! We hope you find this unique learning opportunity helpful to you as you continue to pursue your studies here at Ubiquity University!

Faculty: Various

Course Contact Information:

The rules guiding our assignment collection and grading process can be found here: Ubiquity University Grading Policy

You may click the “Chat” button down on the left hand side of the screen for any technical issues you may have.

Information about how we process refund or cancellation requests can be found here: Refund and Cancellation Policy

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